FTC Coin Mining With Only CPU

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How Can Possible FTC Coin Mining With Only CPU, Without any Graphic Card?


  • use a program called GUIMINER to setup up a proxy then download minard and point it to that proxy made with GUIMINER that is pointed at Give me coins. hope this helps.

  • minerd has stratum support. instructions are on the getting started page of the website.

  • use the Windows program cpuminer. Very easy to set up . https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=55038.0

  • Hi,
    Using cpuminer (minerd) with Intel I5-4670 at full speed (4 cores at 4.0GHZ)) , I only got 70KH/s using 350W.
    Using one Radeon HD7950 without OC on old motherboard, I got 640KH/s using 350W.

    CPU mining is not a very good choice

  • Depends on how you figure.

    at $0.12 / kW-hr, 350W costs about a dollar a day.  70 kHash/sec is just barely profitable. But it is on the positive side of the ledger, at least for a while.

    On the other hand, at about $450 per 7950 card, you're going to be mining a long time, more than 120 days, before you even break even.

    It's all about return on investment (ROI).

    If you're just doing a little hobby mining, and have nothing invested, that's one thing.

    If you're in it for the long haul, bigger is generally better.

    But bigger investment has a longer payback, and brings both bigger returns and bigger risk.
  • It's about ROI for sure, but if you have a machine and can spare some cycles, it's a good exercise and potentially profitable to experiment with something frutiful like FTC mining.  That said, it's much more cost effective to simply buy outright.

  • of course it's all about ROI. But in my case, my "mini rig" has cost 1 radeon + 1 old motherbord + 1 usb key (for smos os). I've paid 400€ ( 540$), and I got 640KH/s
    I've paid 400€ for my I5 + his motherboard + hhd a few month ago. I got 70KH/s

    power use is similar, cost of harware is similar. So GPU minig is better in my case.

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