GUIMiner-scrypt stuck on starting/connecting

edited January 2014 in General

I am total beginner to mining and I can't get GUIMiner-scrypt to work. I joined many different pools, googled and tried everything I could find on other forums and nothing worked. I am running 2 6970s crossfire and no matter the card, pool or type of coin I try to mine it is stuck on starting which changes to connecting if I switch between tabs. I followed both these guides:

I am entering my login info correctly on GUIminer no doubt about that. I have also tried different Catalyst versions and disabled all firewalls (windows firewall, router's and windows defender). The pc is already under a DMZ so it's probably not port forwarding either. Tried both with AMD SDK 2.8 and 2.9.

It will be a real shame if I can't mine because I will soon have a 290x! Any ideas?

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