Should I be receiving shares for every block mined by the pool?

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Should I be receiving shares for every block of LTC mined by this pool.  There are quite a few blocks that are skipped on my confirmed rewards stats page.  I do shut off my miner periodically so how would I correlate my down time to missing blocks on the stats page.  Is the date/time stamp on the payouts/comfirmed rewards page a representation of the actual time the block was mined or the time the payout was dispersed?


  • all transactions are listed on the payments page. if you keep turning off you miners then you wont give pplns a change to ramp up.

    you will only receive a reward when you have shares in a solved block so if you are mining with a cpu and shutting it off that would more then explain what you are seeing.
  • So I did a little tuning on my card last night and got an extra 15 Kh with out creating any hardware errors and my WU went up on CGminer as well.  I started it off at 3am and at %1.76 invalids/not paid or 4376.  I'm ready for the next step in monitoring my income to make sure I'm being credited properly as I will be expanding my mining capabilities this month.

    1. Do the invalids, in the dashboard, correlate to rejects in CGminer?
    2. if they do how do I use CGminer to compare rejected shares against invalids in a certain block?
    3. How do i know if I'm not being properly credited for shares in a particular block?
    4. How long does it take for this pools share distribution approach to "RAMP" UP to %100?

  • there was actually a issue with vardiff giving miners to high hashrate. it has since been resolved and you will now see better results. you can read more about it on pool news.

  • Thanks for the input.  I appreciate the speedy reply!  Does anyone have answers to my questions.  I've had these questions for awhile and this seemed a good time to ask them since this snafu probably has many of the same questions on peoples minds

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    Looking at my stats on the dashboard my invalids and valids have been static since I restarted my miner.  no change whatsoever.  How do I know my FTC earnings are being reported correctly?  Inconsistent blocks are being shown in payments but the dashboard isn't updating!

  • BUMP...anyone have any answers to my 4 questions above?

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