4x R290 and MB GA-Z87X-OC

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Have MB gigabyte z87 OC with four R290 graphic card, first and third works well (870 khas/s) second and fourth card work only 730 khas/s.

Are you know someone, where can be problem?

Thank you


  • are they all the same make/model etc?
    are the 2 slower cards getting hotter and throttling?i would assume the second card gets heat off the first and 4th off the 3rd. unless your using risers?

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    First three are the same from Sapphire, fourth is from Gigabyte. On all GC have riser. If have connected only three GC, first and second work well, third is slower. Risers is 16x all. Temperature is same.

  • Anybody can help me?

  • Hi,
    Check if they have the same firmware and the same internal settings (using VBE7)

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