Hash rate vs Accept rate. Which is better?

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Hi guys. I have a interesting situation on my mining rig which got me thinking...
I currently have a four Sapphire 290's running and I while playing around with the settings in cgminer, I ended up running 1000 Engine/1500 Memory clock settings. (845kh per card)
This resulted in several hours of good mining and then for some strange reason Gpu0 kept going dead on me.
After playing around some more I realised that Gpu0 would only run stable for long periods of time with stock settings of 947/1250, but at a slightly reduced hash rate of 815kh/s.
So in the interests of stability I ended up settling on a config of 947,1000,1000,1000 engine and 1250,1500,1500,1500 memory.
Here's the strange part though - Gpu0 is getting slightly more accepted shares than the other three cards even with the reduced hash rate!
(Hardware errors are 0 on all four cards and rejected shares are running at 1% on all four cards, so differences there)
Which brings me back to the main question...Which is better, hash rate or rate of accepted shares??
(Im thinking accepted shares?)


  • I'm like 99% sure that accepted shares directly correlate to your payout at the end of each round. Hash rate is just a measure of the data that your GPu is crunching, but at you see from rejected shares, not all of the data comes out good. 

    I would continue tweaking with the cards, and get the best accepted shares per hour or whatever per car that you can.

    All my 7950's are running below a 0.05% Rejection rate, which is really good. So you have room for improvement I would think.

    For instance, though my GPU 0 car runs the highest hash rate (only by 3-4 Kh/s), the coolest card GPU 1 actually gets the fewest rejections. Since both cars are below that 0.05% though, I am not gonna mess with them. I dont think the hour or so of downtime is worth the gains there.

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