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We have had an extremely large load on the database in the last few days. This has caused the pool hashrate to fluctuate and display users hashrate and pool hashrate incorrectly. Please note these are only stats issues and we are working hard to reduce the load on the servers to correct the display issues.


  • +1 for the update. i thought my miners died.

    is the total amount of coins mined also effected?
  • no not at all. all backed processes are running just fine. its to do with the site updates. we are currently working on caching some information to help ease some load on the db.

    hang in there
  • I didnt get my ftc for 8 hours now .. where is my round pay ?

  • and u have a fake wall from 2 weeks now,on ftc stats ... never changes

  • switching to wemineftc for now until this is fixed. i'm getting nervous as it has been 2 hours since the last update.

  • jsut got home from work. looking at it now

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    I have not been paid for blocks : 490149,152,153,165,169,180,191,203,247,248 ; 259, 261, 262 and 310.

    No credit for these blocks.  There is a big hole in the morning. 3h00-8h47. My workers worked at this hours.
    that normal?


    others were paid for these blocks??

    Due to the crash ??

  • still fake wall on ftc stats,3 weeks now ..

  • @ungaro59 can you confirm you were actually hashing

    @stupid what are you on about fake wall???

  • I haven't been paid for blocks 490 113, 490 130, 490 149, 490 152, 490 153, 490 165, 490 169, 490 180.

    Could you please fix it. ?

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    @serraz, yes my workers were hashing at this moment.
    So Weeest isn't paid too... for the same blocks.. almost.

    where is the problem? strange..

  • Yeah, I'm in the same boat too, it's roughly a 10hr gap that isn't showing up.  I restarted my miners lastnight to be sure they were running.

  • One of my two rigs (both mining on give me coins) is getting less as well. Both have roughly the same hashrate (wu), but one got stuck in it's balance for some time it seems.

    A little difference between the rigs is normal but one has double the amount of coins as the other in today's balance, this is not ok.

    What's going on?
  • On another note FTC payments are showing up for that time period.  Might just be an issue with LTC.

  • Yep, Im missing rewards for last several hours.

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    I opened a ticket. I'm waiting for an answer. +10 blocks not paid.

    it is much.

  • i have a gap from 3am to 7am too

  • cool down u ALLLLLLLLLLLLl!!!!! they r probably working on that ....... be nice - don't act like chickens pak pak pak

  • Wow, restarted one of my workers running at 500Kh/s and it hasn't showed the worker in the stats for over an hour now.
    Switching to my back up LTC mining pool until this problem is resolved.

  • I have a gap too. How can you tell what you weren't paid for? Sorry but I'm a bit of a noob...

  • @dwhooper :

    Compare Settings Payments with Stats Blocks.
    if you mined, you must have a credit for almost every block. If there is a gap, it's not normal.

  • morning all getting to all questions soon. Goign to check the progress on things from our other ops after i went to bed first.

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    Can't find my payments(credits) for the following blocks:

    490385 490373 490368 490333 490314 490310 490299 490294 490291 490275 490267 490262 490261 490259 490248 490247 490203 490191 490180 490169 490165 490113 490015

    23% loss! 

    last few days earnings became too low and  suspicious about to be scammed here as on wemineltc before.. 

    we are searching for backing pool

  • to tomagi:

    #1 we spend money on hardware and tons of time to tune it and pay for electricity and dont want to lose 1/4 of rewards for solved blocks (I DONT think the pool is not getting rewards for solved by our blocks)

    #2 I dont see a reason for "database load" explained - I start tracking for lost rewards and if it continues OR I dnt get my earned ltc i quit

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    Thanks to those who have been patient thgouth this. Pleas submit a ticket if you feel you mising blocks. BE DESCRIPTIVE give us as much info as you can including block numbers so we dont waste time asking for information. We will work through each ticket one at a time. This will take some time so you will need to be patient.

    I now have a clear idea on what the issue was. The load was caused by the hashrate calculation script which was causign tables to lock and the site not to update. This was caused by out multicoin setup so we have been changing the way those calculations are working and it is already 1/3 the delay. We are by no means finished optomising and will work to optomise as well as answer any tickets or concerns.

    Again delays may be a little slower then normal as we are workign hard to make things faster as well as answer all of the tickets.

    Thanks for all those who have been patient.

  • DB lock can be a pain in the butt. Was it the script locking or memory locking? Anyways like others I would appreciate you looking into the payments made to the pool and ensuring we all received those payments.


  • that is top priority. so far it looks liek it was the same blocks for everyone so that will help alot in figuring it out.

    Thanks for being so patient hopefully we can close this one off soon.

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    @serraz thanks to you. In the future, is it complicated to set up an audit program that compares the blocks worked (shares submitted by workers) with blocks paid?

  • @ungaro59 that is a prtty good idea we have something simar for ourselves. perhaps we can make somethign for users also so they can better see income.

    Ill think on it in teh next few days after we resolve the current issues. remind me :)

  • Great !  You are the best  ^:)^

  • So, was everyone in the pool affected by the same blocks? Will this error be adjusted for everyone?

  • I just got a reply from the staff, where they claim that I was paid for those blocks, and that the reward sistem was just a bit behind, that there was no problem with the reward sistem. Realy wierd to get that response after what serraz said here. Guess I will not be coming back to this pool no more =/

  • This is totally unacceptable, a pool that cannot even perform it's basic function is no pool at all. 

    Thankfully my loss is probably relatively small compared to most but I cannot believe the volume of miners that are still using this scam pool.

    I wouldn't think of releasing any software that hadn't been properly load tested so the excuse doesn't really sell to me. I wonder where all of the missing coins are ending up.
  • Well it could be that just us "smaller" miners got affected by this. I was mining for several hours and watching the pools stats, blocks were found and rewards distributed, but my hash speeds were 0 (pool stats). Restarted cgminer once more, mined for an hour or 2, still 0khs stats on the pool, and ofc no reward, then switched pools. My rewards stats were 0 since then. Wasn't  payed later, wasn't payed at all. Guess most ppl got their share of rewards so they aren't here bitching as we are :)

  • I echo what jovanovics has just posted. I switched from another pool sometime yesterday morning and immediately noticed 0kh so I went on to the forum and noticed this thread. I read the posts from serraz and thought relax It's just a stats issue my shares are still being counted. It wasn't until early evening that the stats display issue resolved itself. Not sure if I can be bothered to raise a ticket listing all the missing block numbers as serraz has suggested we do. With my hashrate I'm probably only missing 0.3 LTC - I might regret saying that at some point in the future when LTC's are a thousand bucks a pop :-)

  • i agree any blocks that are missing is unacceptable which is why we will need to look at it case by case. @jovanovics did you see the block appear later on yrou payments tab? it looked liek those blocks were delayed for everyone is what i was getting at. Did khaos answer your query. Ill have a chat to him so he can fill me in on what i missed.

    @unholydeath i can assure you this pool is no scam we were the first pool to create our own custom front end leading the way for basically all other pools. The software is teh same as it always has been also and for your information this was due to the massive ammount of load caused by a influx of miners. The reason we were so affected is due to our multicoin setup where as most other pools create a new site with a new login.

  • Nop. I cashed out after I switched pools, my balance was 0 and it still is. So no payments for those couple of hours. Also my FTC balance is 0, it was 0.3xxxx 2 days ago. Yes I think it was khaos who answered the ticket.

  • Serraz,

    Are you saying that all the missing blocks got paid later?  I opened a ticket and that's essentially what I was told.

    Otherwise, thanks for running the pool.  I find it very helpful.


  • they should have. as i said if you cant see tem on your payments tab we will look into each one of those cases one by one to retify whatever has gone wrong.

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    Here is ss of my tab. You can see that there are several hours with no rewards, and I continued to mine for some time after the payout, and there is no reward after.

  • sorry but that tells me pretty much nothing. if this is a stats issue you have just showed me the stats that may well be wrong :\ ill need miner logs also you need to do it on the helpdesk so its all documented and logged for future references etc etc. whiel you do that ill do some digging and see what i can find.

  • Apologies if I was a little short before.

    Most of the missing rewards ended up appearing after a delay but I'm having worse luck today. I have missing payments where the estimated reward is displayed during mining then the completed and validated blocks are appearing on the stats page but no transactions/payments are shown and no update to balance.

    This seems to be worse than a cosmetic issue on the front end, I can't comment without any knowledge of your backend architecture but hopefully it's not a fundamental problem with the reward calculation. The issues I'm having are with FTC for info.

    This seems like a good community so it's a shame but I don't think I can justify using this pool until the issues are resolved. I will certainly be directing all miner output to file as a lesson learnt from this. Even when using reliable pools its good to have a record.

  • i could not agree more with miners keeping records. there could be a issue any pool could have and no notice right away untill it is brought to the attention of the pool op.

    Could you please open a ticket with some more details about the missing payments etc so we can investigate further.
  • I have noticed that the intervals between my auto payment is getting longer. On avg I was getting auto payments every 5-7 hours. For the last few days, it's taking 9-11 hours. Does this have anything to do with what is going on with this thread?

  • do you mean how logn it takes to execute or how logn it takes to hit the threshold. remember diff has gone up quite a bit and will continue to do so there fore your daily reward will drop due to this not the pools fault.

    I will be closing this thread as the load issue should now be resolved. any further questions / issues on this topic should be raised as a ticket.

    Thanks all for your help with this.

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