Semi-new to mining and looking for a little help

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I have a XFX 7850. Windows 8.1 sees the card but CGminer and BFGminer dont detect it. Any ideas? I tried Catalyst 13.1 and 13.12! 13.1 caused the miners to crash right after being launched. 13.12 lets the apps but doesnt bring up the card. Only my onboard is seen


  • From what I've read, you need the v12.8 drivers.  This helped me more than anything to get started.

    I'd read the whole wiki for a good start to build your knowledge.  The whole tutorial is a great read.

  • gn3, also check the hardware comparison on the wiki for proven successful configs.

  • Thank. I read the WIKI and tried 12.8 and 2.7 SDK drivers to no avail. So weird. I guess Im going to wipe the system and try Win 7 64bit

  • For those interested it I think I've ironed out most of my kinks. Rebuilt the PC with 7 64bit, used 12.12 drivers. Running GUIminer-Alpha and 300 kh/s with the 7950(low) settings. Slowly I am overclocking with CCC and seeing nice increases. My biggest problem was that I didnt have a monitor plugged into the XFX. CCC wouldnt open and GUI wouldnt get monitoring stats from the GPU. Fixed I supposed!

  • gn3t1,

    Glad you're up and running.  I was using GUIMiner at one point.  It uses a separate instance of cgminer for each graphics card.  It's not GUIMiner's fault, but I believe cgminer has a bug when it's running in separate instances.  Specifically, if you're adding additional commands on to the GUIMiner configuration screen to feed to cgminer, in order to do automatic fan control and automatic clock speed control, cgminer seems to get unhappy.  In the case of fan control, the cards would eventually get into a mode where the fans on each card were oscillating from 0 to 100 speed to maintain temperature, rather than sitting at a stable level.  In the case of gpu clock speed control, I ended up with a scenario where every card would end up clocking at the speed of the lowest, which was very frustrating.

    When I stopped using GUI Miner and began using one instance of cgminer controlled from a conf file and started from a batch file, and with that one instance of cgminer controlling all the gpu's, those problems went away.

    I now have rock solid clock speed and fan and temperature control on all cards.  All cards run at their own unique clock speed.  And all fans run independently and don't oscillate on and off.  I set the cards to overclock as much as I'm comfortable with but also allow them to underclock in case of an overheat.  The fans run only as fast as necessary to maintain my temperature target, which is 84 degrees C.  With proper air flow to the fans, I can get stable overclock conditions, 84 degree temps, and fans running under 50%.  Running fans much faster kills them quickly.  Procedures to do this are documented in this other thread if you're interested.

    I previously recommended the GUIMiner and / or separate cgminer approach, but I don't any more.



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