How to mine Feathercoin?

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Hello everyone!

Im mining Litecoins but wanted to give it a go with feathercoin now, however i am all confused, i thought i only needed to adjust the script i have from Litecoins and its not that simple at all.
I ve been in many forums but all explanations are confusing me. Does anyone know or have a clear step by step? I have a GPU, Gygabite 7970 which i want to use for feathercoin. 
Pleaseeee heeeeeelp, lol   


  • OOOOOk!! I did manage now. I was all confused with the guiminer but manage all with the cgminer now...  :-B

  • im still looking to do this, help!

  • Use the same mining configuration that you would for litecoin (or any scrypt currency) but change the pool URL to:


    The worker names/passwords that you've created for litecoin should also work for the other currencies but it couldn't hurt to check to make sure they're setup correctly.

  • No, you're going to have to set up separate workers for each coin.  The workers you've set up for litecoin will not automatically be available for feather coin.  This was a change to the pool within the last 2 months.

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    thanks, but i tried both of those url's. heres what im trying to use as the .BAT

    cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u liammargary.2 -p *

    is there anything i need to add?? also i tried adding a new miner under "liammargary.2"
    but still cg miner says i have a null response 
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    Use something other than "*" for your password.  "*" often has special meaning (such as filename wildcarding) in bat files.

  • What is the correct gridseed config to mine only FTC? I'm currently logged in to port:3333 and it appears that I'm mining everything but FTC.. Please help

    stratum+tcp:// is what im connected to.

  • FTC Servers - share difficulty of 16 - 256

  • I am running Gridseeds to mine litecoin. What is the clock speed for this coin or can you mine with the same settings.

  • It's no longer possible to mine Feathercoins using Scrypt hardware (ASIC). 

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    Hi All,

    I am fairly new to this FTC mining, I did quite a bit of LTC mining last year but since then a lot has changed and at the time LTC was the "THING" to mine so I never looked into other coins as much.

    I was wondering if you fine people would be able to help here:

    When I was mining LTC and I was getting about 650 -750 Kh/s on each of my GPUs and now with FTC I'm only getting about 139.9 (average)?!?!?!?!

    Is this normal/expected IF not, does anyone know why this might be happening?


    My .bat file config is as such:

    cgminer.exe --neoscrypt --no-submit-stale -o stratum+tcp:// -u kaos247365.FTC -p x --device 0 --device 1 --device 2 --device 3 --device 4 --device 5 -I 14 -w 32

    GPUs being used are 3 x  XFX HD 7990 (Watercooled)

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance :)
  • Neoscrypt (FTC) hashing is much "harder"/slower to calculate when compared to Scrypt (LTC). That's why your hashrate is lower when compared to your previous mining. If you tried to mine BTC (SHA-256 algo) you would notice it is 1000x faster to calculate when comparing to LTC (Scrypt).


  • Thanks for confirming Khaos.

    Next question :)

    I noticed that I solved 4 blocks by myself, Would it be beneficial to mine solo at the beginning as I would of been 240 Coins up right now rather than only 200 and then when difficulty get higher swap back to pool mining?

    Or you think it doesn't make a difference?

    Thanks in advance FYO
  • Hi,

    I am trying to mine FTC using "minerd" for cpu mining and keep getting (booooo) even though they are listed as accepted. 


    Please can someone help me fix this, I'm getting decent hashrate too with the CPU about 70 kh/s, so it's worth getting this working :)

    Many thanks in advance for anyones help.

  • kaos247365  you are getting 140 Kh/s on some HD 7990? you should be getting allot more then that. I'm getting 140 Kh/s on HD 7950 and my HD 7970 are getting 150 Kh/s. And I'm not pushing them hard. Some people are getting 220 Kh/s on HD 7970. I know a 7990 is a dual GPUs unit but still would give 280 Kh/s for one 7990, I'm getting that on 2 HD 7950 for a fraction of the cost. Just saying you should be getting allot more from those cards.

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