Blocks missing - funny hashrate - Round Estimate is not right - BTC Pool

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Bitcoins pool .. what is going on?

Hashrate looks funny and I just notice my Round Estimates are way lower that it is supposed to be.

Help!!!! What is going on?


  • someone on chat following correct support protocals brought this to my attention. looking into it.

    Next time please raise a ticket or go on pool chat.
  • will keep this thread updated with any info i can find on it.

    Rest assured will fix it up soon and figure out what went crazy
  • Thank you so much for the fast reply.
    Good to know you guys are there when we panic :)

  • Thanks Serraz for the fast response

  • Something similar happened to me also, the shares submitted were cut in half and the round estimate was cut in half.  I did not see a meaningful response yet, just a - looking into it... I wonder how many other Bitcoin miners in this pool this has happened to?? 

  • Any news on when our estimates will be corrected. It is still showing less than what is supposed to be there.

  • it should be resolved now. As i stated on IRC and to most of the tickets it looked like it was a case of too many shares. Some db changes and it looks like it is resolved.

    In case of any issues please raise a ticket and we can check.
  • In short of above basically shares were delayed and stats went all funny

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