Blade Erupter config issue?

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I'm running stratum on my PC:
mining_proxy.exe -o -p 3335 -gp 8332

Then I have my blade setup to:
ports: 8332,8332
user:pass: username.worker1:password,username.worker2:password

Total MHS:10204

My stratum proxy gives:
INFO proxy jobs.submit # Submitting 7xy6pfsa
INFO proxy getwork_listener._on_submit # [0ms] Share from 'username.worker1' accepted, diff 3

Nothing else. This just repeated 2-5 times every second.
What am I doing wrong?


  • Sorry:

    mining_proxy.exe -pa scrypt -o -p 3335 -gp 8332

  • Try using bfgminer as per my guide :) bfgminer will give you better stats for starters and help you monitor your miners better.

  • After writing this, I realised that scrypt doesn't work with btc, so everything is good now, 11,4Gh/s or so.

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