BLOCKS missing - funny hashrate

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Hi All,

Thank you to the users who have submitted tickets or contacted me directly.

Some users have mentioned that hashrate has been a bit crazy and soem blocks have not beign paid out. We are lookign into this as a matter of urgency and will keep this thread updated with any satus updates.

For all the users complaining all over the forums / acusign us of stealing. In future please raise a support ticket or contact us and give us some time to respond.

Thanks all for your support, patience and understanding.


  • Bug has been found.

    Woudl appriciate word of mouth spreading this out as i wont have time for a while thisngs are crazy for me at the moment.

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    ANYONE with issues or queries with blocks, payment or anything else please open a ticket or contact my ASAP so we can figure it out.

    Thanks guys.
  • Hello.
    We have been working hard to optimize all our background jobs that process the incoming shares from miners. We had a few bugs that where solved in the last hours.
    All problems should be fixed by now. Reward, hashrate and other items will start stabilize in the following hours/blocks

    If you detect any other problem, please let us know through our helpdesk.


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