5750 hash is around 20kh/s too low?

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I know 5750 card is old news but has anyone tried to mine ltc with it? I am mining and getting around 20kh/s. Checked on this handy wiki: https://litecoin.info/Mining_hardware_comparison
and it states i should be getting around 135kh/s ...a bit of a difference there, so any ideas where we stand on this? cheers 


  • If you're using cgminer with no special flags it'll begin hashing at low intensity.  While cgminer is running you can change the intensity by pressing "G", then "I", then specify a rate (start at 12).  You'll immediately notice a jump in hash power (top left corner).  Continue raising the intensity via the process above until your system begins to show signs of lag (usually between 15 and 18) - then take it down a notch (if you plan on actually using the PC while mining).  Otherwise, just crank it up until the intensity no longer changes your hashing power.  (I have a machine that hashes the same at 17 thru 20, so I leave it at 17).

    When you find this magical intensity number you can add the -I 17 to your cgminer script so it always starts mining at this intensity.

    Without any other tweaks or overclocks you should get a decent hash rate with the above method.
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    In addition to my 7970, I have a spare 5670 chugging along with it at 106Kh/s. You'll need to create a batch script that sets parameters that best suit your card. This is what I use for my 5670:

    --scrypt -I 16 -g 2 -w 128 --thread-concurrency 2000

    I would adjust thread-concurrency to 3600 in your case (5750).
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