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The price on 280x has gone up to around $400 USD (700kHash), would it be smarter to buying two 270x for $400 ($200x2)? They should provide 450-500kHash each.

1 x 280x = $400 (700kHash)
2 x 270x = $400 (1000kHash)


  • IMHO no. Im very new to this, but I think you are well better off opting for the 280x.
    Im not sure where you buy your cards from, but I can get 280x's well below $400

  • What are your plans for the future? Getting 2xgpu now might limit your expandability later on, or it might be good - you could sell one of the 270s once it's paid itself off and replace with a 290.

  • the thing to look at here is how many watts 2 r9 270s use vs a single r9 280x.

    my 280s draw somewhere between 200 and 250 watts each.  I think the 270s draw 180-200 each (going from what I saw on the hw comparison).

    so yes, you'll be hashing more with the 270s (will the 270s really do 500? I thought the hw comparo list was in the mid 400s, but either way...)  but you'll also be using almost twice as much watts to accomplish the same task.

    if you have free energy, by all means get whatever you can get your hands on.  otherwise, factor in the electricity costs into your determination if it is worth it or not

  • anyone can help me to configure my cgminner on Gigabyte  r9 270x im newbi.. pls!

  • I need some help too...

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    Hi guys, welcome to mining, please see the "Miner Configs" section of the forum, or on your dashboard click on Support > FAQ for assistance.

    After you get your drivers, the SDK (if needed), and any tweaking utilities installed you'll need a LTC wallet and a mining program (cgminer).  Get a quasi-config going, and if it's behaving strange or giving you specific errors we can help you out.

    FWIW, saying you need help but not providing any information leaves us with nothing to help you with. 8-)

    For the OP, I actually just picked up a few R9 270X's and do plan on hitting 475-500k/h with each.  It may not be the most energy efficient, but for sub-$200 a card they'll pay for themselves quickly (and if you don't have a ton of expendable income during this time of year it's a great option).  I'll let you know how I make out with my setup.
  • I'm averaging exactly 477 at the moment using R9 270x gigabyte card. I would like to add cards as more funds become available. dfalcon I look forward to hear how you make out with a multi card set up.

    mekks I would use what you have available, if it is profitable as far as cost of electricity

  • To close the loop a bit, I ended up picking up a few ASUS TOP OC'd edition 270x's on sale (the one's that come already at 1120 Core/1400 Mem).  As great as they are I'm running into the 450k/h barrier.  Can those who are getting 470+ elaborate any?

    Things I've noticed:
    1050 Core / 1500 Mem looks like the sweet spot (Tried low/high on core: 950-1200, and low/high on mem: 1250-1600)
    TC 14400 (no R or HW, tried various ranges from 8000-24000)
    Intensity 19
    WL 256 or 384, both land me in the 440-450k/h range
    LG 2
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    Im getting 479 steady on Gigabyte card. I picked up a Diamond r9270x and could not run the same parameters as the Gigabyte card without crashing cgminer. The Diamond is running at around 424, however very stable though. They are the same chipset yet not the same hash rate which you would think they would be at least close. I haven't done much tweaking yet with the Diamond but don't expect much more.

  • One issue I am having with the above set up is keeping cgminer stable for over 12 hours.  It randomly stops responding (3-12 hours in) and I'm forced to restart cgminer.  The error that appears in cgminer is something along the lines of a thread already existing, the GPU doesn't respond for over 30 seconds, and it declares it SICK.  Then the cgminer application stops responding in Windows.  I click the "Close" button, restart the miner, and all is well for another ~3-12 hours.  I turned verbose on, didn't tell me anything new.

    I have one machine with 2x 270x's and another with 1x 270x, they're doing the same thing... quite annoying.

    Lowering the TC generates a ton of HW errors.  Keeping the TC but lowering the intensity to 13 stabilizes it, but my hashrate goes down ~100kh/card.

    Anyone else experience this?
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    Turn your memory clock down from 1500. Are you running windows?

  • Yessir, Windows 7 x64 on both machines.

    I've tried stock memory clocks, same issue.  PSU on the two 270x machine is a Gold Certified 750W.  PSU on the one 270x machine is a Bronze Certified 600W.

  • dfalcon that is odd. Have you tried any settings from the hardware comparison chart? When setting are incorrect for me, I get a windows error about driver stopping and then cgminer stops. Are you getting the window error? I;m running 2 x 270x on a 850w I don't think you should have issue with PSU. I would try getting the single card going then add multiples. I usually let it run for 1 or 2 days with out a crash before determining no issues.

  • I'm having issues with stability anytime I try to tweak my setup.  I am using ASUS R9 270x on Xubuntu.

    Here is my stable config, it will literally run indefinitely without issue.  Very stable. 
    export DISPLAY=:0
    export GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=100
    cd /home/<user>/cgminer-3.7.2-x86_64-built
    ./cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://www.<pool>:<port> -u <username> -p <password> -I 20 

    I'm getting right at 360 Kh/s per card.

    Here is my tweaked script, I went through the process very slowly and deliberately modifying one parameter at a time and I can get 420 Kh/s with this setup, but it's not stable.  it may run 15 min, or 8 hours, no telling, then it starts to report SICK on one or more cards.
    export DISPLAY=:0
    export GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=100
    cd /home/<user>/cgminer-3.7.2-x86_64-built
    ./cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://www.<pool>:<port> -u <username> -p <password> -I 19  -w 256 -g 1 --thread-concurrency 26432 --gpu-memclock 1500 --gpu-engine 1110

    My .bin file shows -g 2, tc 14144 w 256 and I 18.  I'm wondering if it would be worth while to go through the tweaking process again using -g 2, I know that will lower my thread-concurrency considerably.
    I arrived at the 26432 by starting with 14144 (from the .bin file) and adding 2048 until it wouldn't start. 
  • SGF-I would turn down memclock and engine till stable. I played with that and have stabilized the diamond card at 460khs. I had to turn down 1050/1400.

    Dfalcon413 - you should be able to run at I19 all the time.

  • FWIW, I'm trying the "--compact" function.  Definitely makes the setup more stable.  Been running 2 days now with no "hiccups".

  • user1888- I'm not getting anywhere near 460 numbers with the memclock and engine at those levels.  I do agree that the higher numbers there are causing my instability.  Are you using -g?  If so 1 or 2?  what is your Intensity set too, and are you using -w 256, and what is your thread concurrency?

    I did all my tuning using -g 1, which allowed a much higher thread-concurency.  But, like I said in my original post, with zero tweaks on the card the .bin file is using -g 2.  
    Thanks for the feedback and the help.
  • Im using Intensity of 19. I'm not in front of my pc but I believe gap is 1. I am using 256 on diamond card. thread is 14000 range.

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