PCI-E Raiser cable

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Which cables should i get? I saw some have moled power? What is the difference between regular cables. 


  • powered is really only needed for 4 or more cards

  • what is the reason?

  • Length also plays a role, the risers 25CM and longer people report that powered cables are required, the shorter type (i guess they are around 10CM) i and other people have had success with.

  • You need powered risers with 4+ cards because the cards themselves draw power from the motherboard. The 24pin connector can only put so many volts/amps into the motherboard before it blows.

  • Do the pci 1x cables affect mining speed.  It would seem like that would crush memory bandwidth and kill the production rate.


  • I'm using a 1x to 16x powered adapter (the one in the ebay link above actually) and it doesn't affect speed at all ... in fact it's my fastest card of 3 identical cards by 10kh/s

  • I'm certainly not an expert on video, but I find that fascinating.  I wonder why this process can work in a pcie 1x slot and regular gaming cannot.  I would certainly be more willing to consider using risers with less bulky 1x cables than with the 16x full slot cables.


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