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First of all i would like to thank the users who are following correct support protocols and submitting tickets with important issues it really does help us find issues faster and get enough info to debug and fix them.

Please bear with us in getting around to answering your tickets we are trying to balance working on the pool and servers as well as answering support tickets so some tickets might take longer to get a reply depending on the urgency of the ticket.

Second i would like to address some of the problems we are facing at the moment.

We are working tirelessly in trying to resolve the delayed stats issue on the website as well as the slowness of the website in general.

We understand that some users have some concerns about the new uncapped vardiff and would appreciate either a single post on the forum or a support ticket which clearly describes your issue in as much detail as possible so we don't have to waste time asking questions.

If i have missed anything feel free to contact me on IRC via email or a PM on the forum.

Thank you all for you patience support and cooperation

EDIT 10/12/2013 11:11AM GMT+10:00: Workers are no longer synced between all pools. This means that you will need to switch the site to the coin  you are mining and create workers on each pool. This is part of our site optimisations and is already making a huge difference to the speed the site is updating.


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    Yea, I noticed this today...  What's the deal?  Is there a post somewhere that summarizes what this is?  My [vardiff] is all over the place, from 200-700 on a machine that shows avg of 1.7MH....

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    Yes, I know what it is, but according to your posted FAQ it's capped at 128 256 and that clearly isn't the case anymore as it's fluctuating all over the place (all above 128 256 now) on all my miners.   Just looking for a bit of info on the change and why it was done.   So far my income seems the same-ish so I'm not mad or anything.... Just more interested in what prompted the change.  Watching my miner go several blocks without submitting a share is un-nerving at times.

    edit  This is on the LTC pool..
  • As per my original post it is now uncapped.

     this is to try and help with the slow stats as miners will generate less chatter to the servers reducing the processing time.
     This is only temporary to give us some breathing space to optimise the query's and then we may look into allowing users to choose their own difficulty.
    Basically as you said your income will remain the same but your miner will submit less shares to the server. As im sure you can see it has already helped drastically with the speed stats update on the site.
  • OK.  I never noticed any lag on the site, always seemed pretty speedy to me.   You should update that FAQ you linked to above to reflect the change (even if it's temp).

  • bump for all to read my update

  • I haven't had any trouble either.  Seems pretty speedy to me.  I'm very new to the game and this site, however.

    What got me to join this pool, after reading the FAQs and some of the forums, was this line from the "What is PPLNS" section of the FAQ was this line: "PPLNS favors constant and/or occasional loyal pool members over pool hoppers."

    Loyalty is a very important value for me.

  • my diff is also switching every minute its kinda of annoying. 

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