3 x radeon 280x on PSU 900 W

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Is PSU POWER (PSU TX 900Watt HIPER M900, Active PFC) is enough to run 3 x radeon 280x ?


  • It is going to depend on what else you're running.  If you're doing strictly a mining machine with a minimal CPU, minimum RAM, low power HDD/SSD and not a ton of fans then it will be borderline sufficient.  Otherwise, if you have anything more than the three cards and a bare bones setup you're going to be pushing that PSU rather hard.

  • Can you get an Antec/Corsair PSU instead of that random Russian brand?

  • 3 x 280x wit ha low power cpu will draw around 770W (i've tried this config myself). However as already stated, the chance of the hiper M900 producing 900w stable for any length of time is doubtful.

    are you guys in the US or UK?

  • Which prog may tell me real power consumption on my GPUs ?

    Now im using GPU-Z, it tells VDDC Power <100 Watts
  • you wont find that without specialist equipment.  The general rule is the more you spend the better the quality.

  • If you want to, you can check your power consumption at the wall with this:


    Your power supply should be able to provide 80% - 90% of what you see on the meter to the pc.

    In other words, if you're drawing 450 W from the wall, then your pc can only use about 360 W - 405 W of that.

    If your pc didn't have enough power, it would probably shut down or crash.  However, as you tax it harder, this could happen if the power supply is too small.

    To find out what reading on the meter is getting close to the max of your power supply, take the power supply rating and divide by .8.  So, in your case, 900W / .8 = 1125 W from the wall.  That's if the power supply is 80% efficient.  If it's 90% efficient, you'd divide by .9.  So, 900W / .9 = 1000 W from the wall.  So, in your case, if the reading on the meter is getting anywhere near 1000 W, you're probably very close to overtaxing the power supply.

    If that's the case, you could consider running some of the cards at a lower intensity or moving one to another case if you don't want to get a new power supply.



  • Thx Ron.

    Im thinking about second PSU that will be connected directly to videocard. I may catch some troubles doing this?
  • You're welcome.  You might want to do some research as to whether having one PSU connected to the motherboard and another connected to the GPU is OK.  I've never tried it.



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    I am running 2 psu. 1200w to MB and 2x 280x. 850w directly to the other 2x 280x. Works great.
    I used http://www.add2psu.com/ to trigger the second psu to start.

    edit: not a sales pitch for the switch. I actually use it.

  • Older thread but thought I would chime in as I have some experience with this.

    While waiting for my 1200 watt PSU I used a Corsair AX860 Platinum rated PSU to run 3 XFX 280x clocked at 1050 and 1500. It did okay, but I was just waiting for the MOBO to fry. And when starting other programs like GPUZ or CPUID you could hear the power supply switching. The VRM on the MOBO was extremly hot and I was nervous about the setup the whole time. Ambient temp in my mining room is between 64-72F depending on the weather.

    Since installing my 1200 watt PSU everything runs cooler including the 280x's. The VRM on the MOBO went from too hot to touch to warm.

    The Corsair AX860 is one of the best PSU's in that power range and it struggled to get the job done.

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