mining on mobo with onboard GPU

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I'm new to all of this, so bear with me.

I have a Gigabyte GA-A75M-S2V mobo, with an onboard GPU/APU, and dual PCI-E slots, running Win7.

Is it possible to install a video card in one/both of the pci-e slots to mine on, and leave the onboard GPU for the main monitor outputs?  I put in an ancient 6800XT, and while Win7 saw it, cgminer didn't? 

This is the computer I use for my office type work, so I can't bump up the intensity and have the desktop be sluggish (like I've already noticed during testing).  Or, am I better off just making a dedicated mining rig?



  • Finally got my new card installed.  It shows up in cgminer as GPU0, with the onboard being GPU 1. 

    My batch file starts out like this cgminer --scrypt --device 0 -o etc

    Now cgminer shows GPU 1 (onboard) as OFF, just like I want it to be. 

    Currently getting ~340khs from a Powercolor 7870

  • I like to know how you got this to work.

    I'm running a system with dual 270x and would like to use the i5 onboard video to use the computer.

    Once i enable the onboard video from bios, do I have to tell  cgminer to use the different devices?

  • Would my .bat file be something like this?

    cgminer --scrypt --device 0 1 -o .......

    Or would my system number them differently?

  • Your system will probably number them differently.  I would open cgminer with just --scrypt -o etc, so you can see the three GPUs listed.  Use GPU-Z to confirm which number corresponds to a physical GPU. 

    Then, you should be able to add --device X Y to tell cgminer to control just the 270x's. 

  • Awesome, thanks

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