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Hi All,

Currently the website is up and down. If your miner is connected and mining all your work will be counted and paid.

We are working on this issue and will have it resolved asap


  • I am not receiving round payouts for LTC (since 11:25am EST)???

  • Raise a ticket following standard procedure and we will check whats going on.most likely your miner was down as i see payemts were fine.

  • I had a lot of issues today, noticed my shares weren't being counted for a while, or so it appeared on the web site stats. My hash rate showed correctly, but my shares weren't matching, and I had no issues on my end, nor were my stales high.

    Were there issues overall or maintenance? 
  • if you had a hashrate your shares were counted as the hashrate is based on the amount of shares submitted in the last 10 or so min.

    DId your round estimate change at all when  you noticed your shares not changing?
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