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Hi All,

2 of our pool members have helped us create a custom made android app to monitor all of your workers and the pool itself. This app is themed to match the site we have all come to know and love.
This app is certianly useful for me and i hope some of you can make use of it also. I am currently working with other developers to make a IOS version of this app.

You can find the app here:

Please consider donating to the developers of this app for their fantastic work.

Creator and lead: Crt Lukancic Mori (Letme), BTC: 16625Ktt9LU4tuDPmSAnh781JYd2E5qQmC
Developer: Patrik Hummelbrunner (MrPet), BTC: 153BhareZ9S539GjLbnh3nEK1CPM5XZDgC



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    Simple interface that works.  Scan QR code is nice.  I'm liking it.

    A few suggestions.
    * Move the settings tab somewhere less obtrusive (not a tab).  Show the summary tab first.
    * When the app opens go to the last coin type visited.
    * It would be nice if it would update periodically in the background and notify me when a worker becomes inactive or hashrate drops really low.

    As a side note to the pool operators it would be handy to see more information in the API so that tools like this app can use the info.  Such as historical data of the last few blocks found and shares per worker.

    Thanks for the app!
  • Would have loved to give this a bash on my nexus 7 but the installer says that it is not compatible with my device? Running Android 4.3.
    Any ideas?

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    They didn't allow the app to be installed on Tablets. At least it looks like that. Can't install it on my Galaxy Tab 7 and Tab 2 10.1. I can install it on all my phones and they all run 4.3. (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S4)

  • It is possible to install on a asus transformer - but not optimised (yet) means layout looks like on phone only bigger. 

    I will talk to crt if he did anything to prevent it to install on tablet.

    Thank you for the suggestions we will consider them. 
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    #analpet i think another issue is it needs to be build against the 4.3 (kit kat) SDK as it wouldent haev been yet cause it only just came out.

  • have sent you both .5 btc as per my bounty post. will also do some litecoin donations soon.

  • @jimbob007j Settings tab should be there to provide user a quick setup at startup. It is also very useful to have it while testing so we might change that when we're done. Last coin visited can be done  - we will put it in settings some checkbox for users to decide. App updates periodically in background yet new data is available only every minute or so. App does not store worker previous state to notify on state change although widgets will provide this feature (will add hashrate low limit to be configurable somewhere)

    @analpet: I did not do anything to prevent installing on tablets, yet manifest might not mark them as supported. Will fix that in next update as there are still some features (widgets) to be added.
    serraz thank you for bounty bonus.
    @machasm I'll check why Nexus 7 would not be supported but that might have to do something with all 7 inch devices. I'll recheck.

  • Thank you!

    4.4 is kit kat.

    4.3 is on my phone ... and it works.

    @crtuljac I thought. ... Yes we will review the manifest and see why it doesn't like the nexus 7. 

  • App should work in 4.4 as well. I have expanded manifest to also allow tablets usage (should not be a problem with such simple layout but let me know if it is). I have also fixed the chain crashing if user entered whole url instead of api key. Settings tab should now be there just at start. 

    Widgets are still not active yet, but I hope you will all update to Beta 1.4 and provide even more feedback.
  • Where is FTC?

  • It is in app - just click on FTC symbol on top. Any problems?

  • A Refresh button would be helpful as well.  Thanks for the app!

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    i have a suggestion :). Update the screenshots on the app hehe the pool ones to show our new bigger hash rate :D

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    Incompatible with Samsung Galaxy Y (Android 2.3.6)

    Is it possible to just download the apk and install it?

    EDIT: Also incompatible with Lenovo Lifetab S9714
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    We will test if it is possible to run it on android versions 2.3 and up. If it is possible it will  be in next release (comming soon - next view days). What version has the lenovo lifetab?

    edit: it is not possible ... at least not at this state. our min version is currently 4.0.
  • The Lenevo runs Android 4.1.1, but Google Play says it's incompatible

  • That is really strange i dont really know why - we are only requesting camera features.

    Here an apk - newest version to try out: 
    This one is not compatible with store version (but same version ...), you would need to uninstall it to be able install the one from the store (... is a signed key thing - store version is signed with @crtuljac key).

    Please tell us if it works ... maybe we will find out why the store says your device is incompatible.

  • I have found out that we still do not support tablets, because layout does not provide enough data to fill bigger screens and playStore filters us out. 

    At the moment we cannot support 2.3 version of Android but once app is fully complete (probably just few more updates), we will add support for other versions as well.

  • Why do you need camera features?

  • for qr-code capturing .

  • Installed the app.

    Seems to work alright. Got the status icon, the widget and the app itself.
    It did however crash 4x when I hadn't scanned the QR yet, 2x while I was trying to capture it
  • The Dashboard (both the widget as the status icon) isn't quite synced

  • Did you send crash-reports? I would really like to know what happened, so that we can fix it. It didnt crash before, so I dont know why it would now (I even fixed if people entered empty strings and such). Dashboard is not synced in what case? Status icon provides data for both application and widgets, yet if they are sync problems we will look into it a bit more.

  • Don't think I was able to send a report.

    It just said it had stopped unexpectidly

    When I check the site's dashboard, I see e.g. 50KH/s, but the status icon and the widget only shows 5 or so.
    I know it has worked, as first it only showed 3, but now it seems to be stuck at 5.
    The app itself does get synced (set it to sync every minute).

    I'll keep on testing this evening and I'll report back with some updates and maybe some pictures
  • Seems like I need to open the app and wait untill it syncs

    Then the Status Icon / Dashboard seems to update too

    It doesn't seem to be syncing on it's own
  • @crtuljac

    I've got a screenshot of the Status Icon vs. the app
    As I said before, the Icon and the Widget only seem to sync when the app is opened but it sometimes seems to take longer than that the app takes to sync
    Img might be removed in about a month
  • thank you for your reports!

    it should be fixed (along with some other stuff ...), please tell us if you still got the problem.
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    I'll check the new Dashboard later today

    I have got some other screenshot of a weird thing with the previous version:

    BTW: for some reason, the Dashboard did seem to notify me every minute in the 'taskbar' yesterday.
    Did something change in the API it uses or some connection setting?
  • yes ... weird thing is just differnet number representation (7.0726*10^-4 - if i'm not mistaken) that happens if numbers get too low. We will fix that. 

    if you mean it works now with old version - there didnt change anything.
  • Yes, E^-4 means 10^-4 . Do we want to change that into milli or micro as prefix, or we just want to change it to *10^4 (which will look ugly). Then US people might be asking why we have micro or milli and what does that mean. 

    Lets discuss what seems better to you guys.
  • I like it a lot, thnx!

    I got a suggestion that some people already mentioned. It would be really nice to have some sort of alarm function. I want it to notify me, like a vibration or a sound, when a worker got a low hash rate or goes offline.

  • The pool stats don't seem to work anymore.

    Maybe the visible length of the numbers can be made a bit longer?
    If this doesn't work out on smaller screens, Some responsive design might be usefull. Think of Twitter's Bootstrap. On bigger displays, the labels and data are displayed on 1 line; on smaller displays, everything is displayed in 1 column
  • Installed on Samsung Galaxy S 3. 

    Captured QR code and it immediately showed my account details. 

    Pool data is not displaying, but personal account info is displayed very well.
  • Currently says that it is incompatible with my Nexus 7 (2012) running android 4.4.2.

  • In the latest version, you have to tap Back twice to close the app.  
    This also closes the notification.

    I keep forgetting this, so I have to reopen and minimalize the app each time.
  • @TheGroundZero - so taping back twice to exit app is bad? Any suggestions what we would implement to exit app?

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    Tapping twice to exit isn't bad, it prevent me from accidently closing the app when I want to return to the settings or so.  

    But the fact that it also closes the notification ticker, is what irritates me.
    This is probably because some people want to be able to close the ticker, which I understand.

    I'm starting to get used to it, so for me it doesn't have to change
  • The app doesn't work on a galaxy tab 3 7.0 ggl play states it's incompatible, on my galaxy S2 it works fine.

  • @MWesterweele Galaxy tab is considered tablet - and we have some "issues" with Google confirming our layout for tablets...

    @TheGroundZero We can give something in settings that first back would close the app but not the ticker - but then we'd need to add something to exit app completely. Still some thinking to be done...
  • I created an app for this purpose, although it is on the internet rather for mobile devices.

    LTC is the only one that works right now.

  • I'll let the picture talk for me...


    Feel free to thanks for my help ;)

    LTC   LLNCvMb2e6fVScZGZfpXqm3kuJyLL4tTn6
    BTC  17oGrUxv9RJUR6Umh32dJtfzUsXRHF8FoS
  • @temonuv This seems to be a known bug (check github), but you did not list which android version are you using, which app version is this, which device, etc.

    At this moment I am happy to announce that we have had 0 crashes since Beta2.8 . We are now performing some cleanup of the code, before we are ready to tackle some new features (like exchange rates). 
  • according to google store, the app is still not compatible to my phony (SONY Xperia E, running Android 4.1.1).
    Are you using a manifest file that specifies the latest Android version, large RAM and high resolution displays?
    What are the requirements to run the app?

  • OK, I had a look in the manifest, and the prob is the requiered auto focus cam :(

    I Google'd:

    Apparently, the SONY Xperia E has a fixed-focus camera, and therefore you are failing on your requirement for autofocus.

    If you do not absolutely need autofocus, add a <uses-feature> element to say that autofocus is not required:

    <uses-feature android:name="" android:required="false" />

    My question now is: Can we have the option to type the API-Key if QR-scanning without auto focus isn't possible to implement?

  • @dagobert67: Sorry for late reply. You can type API-Key to field without scan require - just click on it and you can type it but make sure you enter also /pool/api-ltc?api_key= not just the number. Once you finished typing click on "Save Settings" button. I will add required as "false" as you suggested (thanks for solution). 

    Send me a e-mail and I'll send you apk, as next bigger update is planned for next weekend (or in case I will see many crashes I will publish patch which will also include your solution sooner).
  • @dragobert76: The application with autofocus not required is now live. Hope you will enjoy it.

  • @crtuljac, awesome job.
    Now, I was able to install it right away from the google store. Thank you!
    QR-Scanning works fine, even with my non-autofocus-cam, it just needs a bit extra muscle work with my arm ;))

    The app works great!
    I found some minor glitches:
    - my display isn't very high res. Right after installation the last digits in the summary and pool screen were cutted, when I used the phone in portrait position. After a "double back" and new start of the app everthing looks fine.
    - check boxes in settingsscreen don't sort very nice in portrait position.
    - The function of the drop down with "1 minute" ... was't absolute clear to me. I guess it's the pause between status update requests. If it is only belonging to the "Show data in to notification", you could add a simple "every" at the end of the checkbox text.
    - the update frequence isnt very reliable, I set it to 30 sec and 1 minute for testing and expierenced  randomly something like 150 sec and 2 minutes.
    - the values in the worker table are not fitting in the columns and not all collumns are fitting on the screen in portrait mode.
    - the widget doesnt adapt to my personal theme were white text is on black background.
    - my workername isnt fitting in the the 3rd line of the widget and is overwriting the status.
    -  widget isn't updating the status
    - after moving the app into internal storage, the widget vanishes from the home screen. I  can't get it back on the home screen because it vanished from the widget selection list too.

    small missing features:
    - timestamp of the last server info.
    - on tapping on the widget the app should come up.
    - If you could manage to rearrange the data in the widget it would be cool to to have a special area (e.g. the Status or the total rate) that when tapped refreshes the status with new server data.

  • Glad you like it.

    -The drop down timer doesn't do anything just yet. Update frequency of GMC api is 1 minute so we cannot update data any faster.
    -Checkboxes are to be replaced anyway with toggle buttons
    -Do you know which layout u have? (medium,large,etc?) There might be some problems with one of the layout sizes.
    -How long is your worker name?
    -Widget do not adapt to themes<- will add this as feature request also widget tapping will be added
    -i will check the issue with storage...
    -timestamp of last server update is good idea<-will add it to feature request
    -rearranging of data was not predicted- will see what we can do

  • Hey guys,

    I'm an iOS developer, I think that I can rewrite the code to work on iOS. I'll need the source code, so I can get it as close to this app, but in the iOS 7 style.

    Please reply if you are interested,
  • @losh11 i believe the source code is on github and a link is on the playstore. If you do create this for IOS please let me know.

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