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During today. we had to stop our database server for emergency maintenance.

This is to increase the sites overall speed and help us be better equipt for more hashrate :) in other words we are able to grow even more now :)


  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! You scared the bejesus out of me! The site wasn't updating the info and I thought it was my miner going bad!!!

    Better performance is always nice!!! Keep up the good work!


  • sorry for the short notiice. we do not have a choice. with all the increasing hashrate we had to do some changes :) keep it comming :D

  • Thanks for posting.  Obviously, advanced notice would be best, but even if you post shortly before the outage, it saves us the time of checking our own equipment before complaining (and saves you the trouble of people who don't check their shit before complaining!)

  • apologies for the short notice. This was one of those things that was out of our control. It was a matter of a short amount of downtime or the pool crashing and longer downtime to fix it and then make the changes.

    I do try very hard to give as much notice as i can but at times things are out of our control.
  • ty.  Saw the slow-down, but it recovered and I didn't even have to restart my miner.  Slick!

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