All Pools are up and running

edited August 2013 in Pool Status
LTC Pool Status = Working
FTC Pool Status = Working
BTC Pool Status = Working


  • The pool web site is suffering an outage and is being looked into the pools themselves are unaffected 

  • All good now. investigating the cause. may have just been cloudflare will update soon

  • Cloudflare said the site was down and wasn't redirecting but showing a cached version of the site. I had problems with them when they added the mobile version my site (m.domainname) and didn't inform me about it.... 

  • OH. thanks for that information PBRAZ ill check with them see if they have done anything sneeky like that to us,

  • when pool for dogecoin ?

  • I would also like to know about the Doge.
    Also what's up with the wild hash fluctuations?

  • db upgrades were preformed lastnight to improve preformance so hashrate stats may have went a little crazy.

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