PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! :Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My miner has 500kh but my dashbaord is blank?

A. Check your miner for Rejected shares and HW. HW is hardware error and means your miner is configured incorrectly. Please SEARCH the forum for a suitable config or ask on pool chat.

Q. Why does the site show a lower Hashrate then my miner?

A. The site will very rarely be 100% correct always go off your miner. Hashrate is calculated on the speed shares have been submitted to the pool in the last 10 min.

Q. I set my Payout to 1 but i have 2 LTC in my account. Is auto payout broken?

A. Auto payout is run every hour. If you feel that payout is not working please contact us.

Q. i Just found a block (YAY) when do i get my 50 LTC?

A. The way pooled mining works is that everyone works together and when a block is found it is split between the whole pool depending on the work you have done.

Q. What is the minimum amount for manual and automatic Payout?

A. For Manual payout it is 0.5 LTC and for Auto payout it is 1 LTC.

Q. What are the benefits of donating?

A. There are a few benefits of donating. The main on is to support the development of the pool as well as continued support. So in donating you are enabling us to provide a 0% fee pool while still being able to afford the servers to run the pool and support development.

Q. Why should i use Stratum?

A. Stratum will give you less stales as well as use much less bandwidth. It also reduces load on the servers end and allows shares to be submitted to the network faster increasing our chances of hitting a block.

Q. Whats the difference between PPS and PPLNS?

A. The main difference between PPS and PPLNS is that PPS offers a steady payout where as PPLNS has a variance. This means you can get more or less then your expected output depending on Pool Luck.

Q. How do I mine NMC?

A. This pool supports merged mining. This means that as soon as you mine BTC you will be mining NMC automatically no changes needed on your miner and no disadvantages at all.

Q. How do i put in a NMC Address?

A. Your NMC address it set in the account section where you would set your BTC address. The payout threshold is currently the same for both BTC and NMC meaning if its set to one it will send you NMC when you have 1 or more.


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