Valid/invalid Lifetime stays at 0

hello guys, 

first, I apologize for my poor english, I'm french...

So, I'm using an antminer s3+ since a week , minig BTC, about 500Gh/s average... Always looks good (see my stats under), but valid and invalid lifetime stay to 0. Is it right or is there a problem with my configuration?

Thank for your answer

 Network: 1,320.07 PH/s 
 Pool: 21.05 TH/s 
 You: 469.13 GH/s 
 Round Estimate: 0.00623970 

Shares submitted
 Pool: 307,715,156,039
 You: 78,384,384 (0.03%) 
Round Luck:  111,048.12%
 Valid Lifetime: 0
 Invalid Lifetime: 0 (0%)
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