lot of orphaned blocks (FTC)

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hi, could anybody explain higher count of orphaned blocks here in FTC
pool? It is much higher number than other pools do. Why?
if you look through block stats you will see that it is repeating in
regular periods. Could it be caused by somebody who wants to fork / take
ontrol over FTC network?
Or are you running the latest wallet / daemon? It is getting worse ... there are more and more orphaned blocks in the last 2 days.


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    Could be a number of reasons for this. We will do some investigations and see if we can come up with why there are so many.

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    thanks, it should be reviewed asap as it is about 40% orphaned blocks now, and it is not reasonable to mine here because the same percentage of miners work is going away without the result.

  • Hello.

    We believe to have found (and fixed) the problem. Next hours will confirm this.


  • This is my goto pool for FTC, please fix ASAP.

  • Looking a lot better already. Thank you for reporting the issue.

  • Yeah, Orphans are fixed, but it seems like round luck is all messed up as are share rates. Compare the amount of blocks being found in the last 24h to when there are no longer orphans as well. Even though the pool has about 10% of the network hashrate, it's not really finding blocks. Pretty sure something is still messed up.

  • Insanely high luck rounds. One earlier was around 10,000 with 10% of the network hashrate. TBF has double the hashrate, but finds like 10x as many blocks.
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