Help me understand why my stats vary greatly from calculated estimates

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I've started mining BTC for the past week and a half with an antminer S3+ around 453Gh/s

When I was doing research, I used several calculators and found that I should be taking in somewhere around $1 a day (not including electricity/hardware costs)

Since I started mining, i'm at an estimated 0.00736841, which is around $2.32USD + i've gotten 0.010145 in UNO, which is worth about .002USD.  Haven't earned any BTC yet, it slowly rises in the round estimate each day, depending on how much my pool is mining.

It really seems like the calculators are way off or my config is setup wrong.  Ideas or I am being too impatient?  thanks


  • Hi there,

    This is because we run on a system called PPLNS. This means that the round estimate will not become a balance untill a block is found and confirmed. If you want a faster payout i would reccomend trying a bigger pool that finds more blocks.
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