CPU mining BTC

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Hello guys!I am new user.
I start mining with "Crypto CPUminer GUI" at pool URL i use "stratum+tcp://btc.give-me-coins.com:3335" and work very well,
i have 1670,45 khash/s
but i can not see my account,hashrate its 0,00%

Please help me!Thanks a lot!!!


  • Help guys...!

  • Hey,

    You do not see a hashrate because you are not submitting  enough shares fast enough for the system to detect. It shows hashrate based on the shares submitted over the last 10 min and what difficulty they are. You may see a slight hashrate when you miner hits a share but it will drop.

    I do not reccomend mining BTC with a CPU those days are long gone you could try your hand at a alt coin instead.
  • Thanks a lot!i would try alt coin mining.you know some good platform?

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