Worker not showing up as active

My miner shows that i am mining at about 250 Mh/s, but when i look at my workers it shows that my miner is not active.


  • I have the same issue.. But I am mining Bitcoins and not Litecoin. It says that my worker is not active but it is mining at 290 Mh/s 
    it is active sometimes but after a short while it shows that the worker is not active.

    using guiminer v2012-12-03.

    am I doing anything wrong? (new to mining) :)
  • Same here. Couldn't find anything related in the help.

    How do you fix that?
  • This is because the pool needs constant shares submitted for up to 15 min to show hashrate as it uses those shares to calculate speed. My guess is that your miner is mining too slow for the pool set difficulty and not solving shares to be shown as active.

    When they are shown as active it would be when they are submitting a share.

  • I have the same issue.

    I'm a newbie in LiteCoin, and I'm mining on my PC at a slow rate (4-9 Mh/s). If I mining too slow, then I won't get anything?
    Oh, and I get "
    Stratum from pool 0 detected new block" a lot, what's that mean?
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