Mining Stopped 3 Nights in a Row

3/22/2015 - Is it me, or is it the Gridseed pool servers? Three nights in a row my BFGMiner (5.1.0-34) has stopped. It did it again this morning 20 minutes after a fresh startup making for twice in 8 hours. This morning the last line of output read something like "testing integrity of servers". I have 4 servers listed in P. Not sure why failover is not working, unless all the LTC servers (4256,3333,3334,80) were experiencing the same thing and failing to initialize. It's possible my Internet went down, but it hasn't done this before in months of crunching. Anyone else? Thanks.


  • Revisit 24 hours later - obviously the pools are doing fine. It's something on my end. I could have mentioned I run BFGMiner on a Raspberry Pi 2. I was running interactive, but I think bfgminer was having some trouble with the live output so I put it back to a service with output > /dev/null and things seem to run much smoother. The bfgminer halt around 3:00 am every day must be my ISP so I cron'd a reboot every day at 4 am. Hopefully this will limit downtime to less than an hour every day. No doubt the same hour that about 5 blocks get found. Maybe I can get Luke tell me how to keep the pool probe alive so it doesn't halt when the network is down. :-)

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