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Some of you might have noticed, that BTC is back to our Coin Selection Menu. After some popular demand we decided to reopen our BTC pool. We had the pool running for a couple of days and the first block was found yesterday. 


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    Any chance GMC will be merge mining NMC, PPC, and BTC? I'd like to move all my equipment to one place.

  • Hi.

    I'm currently working on reenabling NMC.
    PPC pool is already back online.

  • i believe devcoin can mergemine with btc as well. would be cool.

  • Namecoin, devcoin and IXC

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    when MAZA coin was first launched they claimed it would be mergeminable with BTC. did that capability ever occur?

  • What's the BTC pool url and port? It's not listed on the pool servers page.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Pool server page updated.

  • Thanks!

    Off to add another external pool to !

  • are there still plans on having btc mergemine with others?

  • Yes.

    We had it enabled in the past already. But we are having some troubles enabling it again.
    But we are working on it and it's not forgotten.


  • thanks!

  • Is the BTC difficulty static at 128?
  • No.
    That's the lower/starting difficulty. Pool will start adjusting your difficulty after a few minutes.
  • Thanks, got a USB asic on the way (not a particularly powerful one, but cheap enough to try out). That difficulty was a bit too much for GPU mining, so I'm using them to scrypt mine now.

  • Pointed my USB asic stick at this pool for a test on a new worker and the difficulty started dropping below 128 to around 2-4 for a 2GHz miner. Tried the GPU again and this was stuck at the minimum 128. Are you testing lowering this minimum difficulty? The current BTC pool I use auto exchanges merged mine NMC for BTC on a per block basis, so I mine plenty of NMC but get no BTC from the exchange rate as a low hash rate miner. If the minimum difficulty was dropped, we might get more miners on this site, and it might not take so long to solve a difficult block!

  • Share difficulty does not change the way blocs are found its purly a pool thing to help decrease load on the databases

  • Thanks for the explanation about the database load on the pool side of things. I suppose my low hash rate miners don't generate much network traffic, but perhaps that is an issue for the pool to manage as well with many connections. I do seem to get higher reject rates whilst scrypt mining on this site compared to others, so whether that is due to network latency I don't know. The reject rate is much better these days, and I notice a much better yield from merged mine coins, so maybe the issue was there.
    From a user perspective, I realise the share difficulty will not change how fast a block can be mined, but if the shares take too long to process on a computer that is being used and may need to be rebooted at anytime it is desirable not to have to wait for hours for a share to be accepted!
    Recently, the behaviour with my new U2 and U3 asic miners, is for the share difficulty to drop after accepting 2 shares at 128. Sometimes the difficulty would reset to 128. The U3 which was alternating between 32 and 64 earlier is now running at 128 on the latest connection. The U3 is comfortable at 128, but the U2+ can take several minutes at that difficulty. So I'm just a bit confused if the difficulty should drop or not. Whilst a few big miners make the real difference to how long a block will be resolved, an army of small miners does help. Difficulty 128 is a bit to much for the USB powered sticks really, but I really don't need a difficulty drop to 2/4 to be kept happy.
    I like this site for the merged mining, and the fact that the mined coins are not auto exchanged.
  • The reject rate did rise when merged mining was setup. This is something we are constantly workign on and improving. For scrypt coins there are static higher difficulty servers which can help with rejected shares

  • The merged mining improvements are certainly welcome and the choice of alt coins is a sensible one. The static higher difficulty servers won't help me as a small hash rate miner, but I did find switching from bfgminer to the old GPU supporting cgminer improved both hash rate and reject rate.

    I'm wondering what the future of the BTC pool will be? It looks like since it reopened it has had a good run of luck up to the current block which is nothing out of the ordinary run of the mill difficult to solve blocks that will occur. This site, with a 0% PPLNS fee and a fixed payout fee should really be attractive to high hash rate miners. As a low hash rate miner I would rather pay a higher mining fee and have low fee free payouts.
    This seems to be a good multi currency site. I do feel that the flawed luck calculations let the impression of the site down, and that would be my suggestion for urgent improvement.
  • I do agree that the site needs some improvements on visuals but life has gotten in the way of that for both me and khaoz. Hopeing things will start to settle down soon so we can get back to working on the site.

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