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Lyra2RE has been arrived! The switch will be approximately on December 16th at block 208301. Check schedules / development status here:

, is GMC will be ready for it ?


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    I "patched" Lyra2 today to our stratum server. We will now test this in VTC Testnet. But so far is looking good.


  • Thank you for the update @khaos !
    Today is a very bad Scrypt-N ASICs day for all GPU miners like me. :(
    But, I hope that I'll return an the Lyra2 pool soon...
    Appreciate your hard work!

  • URGENT!!! MANDATORY update of the VTC Wallet - all Wallets needs to be Updated!!!
    (source: )

    @serraz / @khaos please put this in "Recent News" in order more people to be informed !


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    Yeah, it's very important the great majority of people to update to the new wallet (version and most importantly pools and exchanges do that ASAP.

    Will GMC be ready with all the stuff before the launch?
    Is the port going to be the same?

    @devman77 is right, it's best to have all the required info in 'Recent News' days before the hard fork which is now :) We are ~3 days ahead of it right now. Many people (miners) may still be unaware of what's coming.
  • Hello all.

    Sorry for the delay in the reply. But so far we have:

    - All pool wallets are updated and ready
    - Stratum server is patched for Lyra2RE and I'm currently doing the final tests.
    - Port should be different, because many miners will not be ready at launch.
    - New port will be published as soon as possible (probably tomorrow)
    - Pool news have been updated


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    For everyone preparing their Lyra2RE miners for VTC, the server will be:

  • Thank you, @khaos. We are preparing for it :)

    One little correction - in 'Recent News' the port states 33337 when in fact I believe it's 3337 as stated here and in 'Pool Servers' page.
  • Typoooooooooo fixed!

    Thanks ;)

  • Thank you, @khaos ! I'm also prepared for it :-)

  • THX @khaos

    Im ready!


  • I've create a Fork countdown page here:

  • When will be live?

  • About 20 to 30 minutes before the fork happens.

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    Well done, @khaos. Nice countdown we have here :-bd

  • @khaos, 3 blocks before the fork the server is still down?

  • Sorry for the late server start. It failed to start automatically. 

  • No prob.!

    Works fine^:)^

  • What about MON? Will be able to mine alone with Scrypt-N or will be closed?

  • Yes.

    Old vtc server ( will be in Scrypt-N until user have migrated to new VTC server. If there's demand, we can leave it up.

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    @khaos, pool connection interrupts on a regular basis for the past day or so. Do we have any issue resolving/server restarts/pool adjustments undergoing?

    Edit: right now site is down as well.
  • Yep. I've been monitoring and patching some errors that I've found.

    Always happens with new algos/coins.


  • Ah, OK then. Hope things settle down eventually ;)

  • Im not sure if im the only one but the hashrate shown on the dashboard is about 40 - 50% of the WU from the miners. Are the payouts affected by this? When i count the WU of all workers i should get about 4.5 - 5MH/s and the dashboard shows me about 2.5MH/s

  • You get your payment for valid shares not by hashrate. As long as your reject rate is low, you are ok.

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    @wooza, some other people are complainig of this issue on btctalk. It seems to affect other pools as well. What's more, most people are reporting correct hashrates on pools so it's probably a miner (software) issue or a combination of a miner/pool settings.

    My hashrate is calculated properly here - 280Xs, 7970s and 7950s, sgminer 5, linux x86.
  • @khaos, the pool continues to have getwork failures (10s a day). It is clearly visible on the pool's page in pool hash rate chart - look how choppy it is. Seems like a global issue affecting most (all?) miners.

  • @khaos / @serraz do we have any clues to the above problem?

  • Hello.

    We have some clues on what's the problem. But our attempts to fix it have not worked. We will keep you guys posted as soon as we have more info on this.


  • Morning all.

    We have updated our servers today and hopefully we have fixed the periodic disconnect/connection reset to miners.

    In case you find any problem, please contact us.

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    Yes, it's fixed. No disconnects for 1 day now. Thanks guys, you rock :)

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