Multiple Minerd instances

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I'm just starting to get my head around minerd having been a bfgminer/cgminer/multi miner kinda girl to date. Is it possible to run multiple minerd instances at the the same time, for example one mining DRK and the other VTC? Or is that the mining hardwares equivalent of ghostbusters crossing the beams?!! Any insight welcomed =)


  • Hello.

    Sure you can. As long as you limit the resource usage for each miner. For example, you can run 2 minerd instances on the same PC, each using 1 core. The flag to limit the number of cores used per miners instance is "-t".

  • Thank you, Khaos. So if I'm using a quad core I add "-t 2" in my minerd bat files and then I can give have a PC to VTC and half to DRK?

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