Help understanding PPC distribution

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So I ran 8 Th/s through the entire 60 hours on the last round, I accounted for close to 400 million of the 800 million shares and 78 PPC were distributed.  My question is how is it that I only received 24 PPC of the 78 Proof of Work coins.  I am fairly new to mining and understand there are some differences with PPC but apparently I am missing something.  The same happened on the previous round where I submitted 10% of the work and received 5% of the coins.  On that round I entered late so I could see how that may be possible.  Thanks in advance....keith


  • I found what I was looking for in the great explanation of the PPLNS here on the site...

  • Great to hear you got your answer. If you haev any other questions feel free to contact myself ot kha0Z

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