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We would like to hear from people using KNC Titans on our pool. Is it working ok? Is some kind of tweaking needed?


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    I am running two titans for about an hour now and it seems to only hash half the speed on the pool side but on my miner they are reading correctly.

    I am using the "" URL on one of the miners and  "" and both are not showing full hashrate on pool side but on my side the miners are reading 260 to 300 mh/s while pool side is 100 to 200 mh/s

    I do not know which port is better. I will need to test some more

    I will check back tomorrow morning to see the average hashrate when running for about 12 hours.
  • Also try 

  • Ok I switch back to the port suggested and and the miner caps out around 150 to 160 MH/s here while testing on "wemineltc" it was much higher, around the exact speed. (260 to 300 mh/s)

  • That's even more strange. Would you mind help us testing this?

    You can find me on our IRC channel

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    WE have progressed a bit in terms of rejects. If you have a KNC miner, use the following config:

    FW: 1.04 or 1.05

  • New version of FW 1.10 as lower rejects.

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