Feathercoin hard fork to neoscrypt

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Will you be adding support for Feathercoin mining with neoscrypt?

The hard fork is tentatively planned for the end of October, 2014.

  • UnklAdM


  • Thanks guys, this pool is awesome... ;)

    - UnklAdM

  • Is it possible to allow dynamic worker creation, e.g. if I start a miner with username.xx then if xx exists great otherwise a new worker is created named xx.

    The justification for this is if  someone has a large number of CPU miners, manually creating 100 miners or more hard.

    If they all use the same worker ID, then it is impossible to tell if one or more has stopped.

  • Due to some bonnets spamming worker creations the are currently locked at 50 workers per account. Any larger request is needed to be requested directly to us.

    CPU miners are very slow and would probably not even show up on the site if they were on separate workers due to no shares being found.
  • check my account - lots of workers that are single servers/PCs

    i can get 20K+ out of an angry I7
    some are less but the aggregate is huge.
    i have only 4 GPUs working against FTC
    just saying - right now one of my workers has 200 PCs using CPU only...
    just hard to tell when a couple go to sleep...

  • If needed we can create a workers in bulk. Drop us an email so we can sort it out.

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