Pools Down Error Messages

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Hi guys,

I've just started trying to mine FTC however Mulitminer App constantly pops up the error message: All Pools For Feathercoin Configuration Are Down

I get this intermittently on the LTC and DGC pools but it is near enough constant on FTC. Moreover when I go to my dashboard and set it to FTC it says I'm putting in 0kh/s rather than the 1.4mh/s I'd expected.

Is this just me or is there actually a problem with the pool? 


  • Could you please open up a support ticket with ALL revelant info. including configs and screenshots of errors etc.

  • OK, thanks Serraz, will do

  • Just updating this. Issue was my VPN provider not playing nicely with CloudFlare and not anything to with GMC directly. Have asked HideMyAss to see if there is anything they can do just in case other HMA users are lurking and get a similar problem (switch HMA IP if you do as most seem fine, it's just one or two servers affected).

  • Thanks for the info!

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