Antminer S1 Update package - From Bitmain

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Please be advised that Bitmaintech has announced an S1 upgrade kit that will bring the units hashrate and power consumption in line with s3 units.

Anyone who may be interested in selling an S1 Please contact me.


  • This is very interesting....  I'm looking forward to the reviews to see if it does what it claims.

    Noblezim711, I got my S1 used from Amazon and haven't had any problems with it so far.  I paid around $180 +/- $5 (including shipping) for it a few months ago.  You may be able to get one there for even less than that, although $180 for the S1 + $270 (+ shipping) for the Upgrade Kit = $450 and I'm pretty sure you can get a brand new S3 for a little less than that...

    My plan (assuming it delivers what they claim performance-wise) is to wait a month or two after it comes out and try to get one for under $200.

    Thanks a ton for posting this information!
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    You should buy bitcoin before the price starts to climb back up, and then buy the upgrades. This is a limited time offer to my knowledge, and the feature that this has over the s3 unit is wifi. I also already own 7 s1 units, and would like to make that a 9.

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