How to setup the Fury ASIC Scrypt miner

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Any one know the right setting for the The Fury 1.3MH/S + ASIC Scrypt miner. Can someone help with the setting for this pool.


  • Make sure you have the drivers (

    I'm using a custom bfgminer (

    My startup batch file is (bfgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u *User.worker* -p *password* --nocheck-golden --chips-count 6 --ltc-clk 328 -S fury:\\.\COM4)  <--- Change com port to your com post listed in device manager. Also dont forget to add your username\worker\password.

    I have to admit i'm new to ascii miners and i'm sure this could use some tweaking (i'm getting 14% invalid, maybe a lower clk?) but i just got the thing setup about 45 mins ago and it's running smoothly. At the very least this will give you a starting point. Maybe someone else can give us both some tips.

  • Thanks Jeeper183, I have it running fine and in clk I have it at 280. But like you say I hope some other give us some more tips. Once again thanks and keep happy mining.

  • Try using

    - UnklAdM
  • Thanks UnklAdM, I did try that one but it wasn't stable like the but we keep playing around with it..
    Happy mining :-)

  • UnklAdM, What would be the advantages of using gridseed?  

    onunez177, you can increase that clk-speed to 328, i'm up to 348 right now. It seams that any reject rate under 10% is normal for these things. I believe i lied to you about the rejects that I was getting and gave you the wrong number. Even at 350 clk I was still getting only 3-4%. Last thing, Here is the latest bfgminer compiled to support the fury, Here is some info about the commands to use and you'll notice they refer to the Fury as Zeus (I think that was the original name).  Hope this helps you, I've been varying between 2.6-3.1 MH/s between the two i have running. 

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    For the fury and the Zeus i reccoment gridseed (static diff of 256) or the 1024 diff server.

    The static diff is better because most LTC asics do not play well with vardiff and spit a ton of rejects.

  • So if i'm only setting at about 0.35% invalid I should be alright with vardiff?

  • yeah if your getting low invalids then no issues at all use whichever server gives you the best results

  • Jeepers183

    The always worked great for me for LTC. I have 7 Zeus Blizzard's (5 chip) and 2 Hurricane X6's (64 chip) along with 2 gridseeds on 2 instances of bfgminer. The blizzards are at 344 and the Hurricanes are at 244 for a total around 30-32 mh. I think in the early days of Zeus chips the mining software was a bit unstable.

    Lately I've been mining FTC on vardiff with no problems super stable. The FTC diff right now is perfect for these chips.

    Mine On!

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    UnklAdM, I'm 99% sure that the Blizzards are 6 chip (hopefully the above post is just a typo).  If you are using the command:

    '--chips-count 6'
    for your Blizzards you're all set.  If you have it set for 5 chips, changing it to 6 will give you a 20% performance boost.

    Does bfgminer have native support for the Blizzards/Furys?  I'm running Zeus's version of cgminer with support for Blizzards, but it's an older build and I don't really like using a special version just for the Blizzards.  Does anyone know if the 'real' version of cgminer has (or plans on adding) support for the Blizzards?
  • Nelldogg,

    You are right, the 5 was a typo, the gridseeds have 5 chips.

    I believe darkwinde's bfgminer contributions have been merged upstream with the main bfgminer sources adding zeus chip support to it. 

    I have a tendency to compile from source on linux, but I think any recent build of bfgminer for any platform should have zeus chip support by now.

    I see zeus has a new chip in the works. Hope to see a new hobby miner from them soon!

     - UnklAdM
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