What is wrong with the PPC pool?

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I have recently pulled my 1.3 TH from the PPC pool because it has been nearly 2 weeks since the last discovered block?  According to calculators, mining solo should yield a block every 5.5 days.

I don't know what this means, but it seems like something may be wrong with the PPC network or the pool.

Not trying to pass blame to anyone, but mining for 2 weeks with no reward is just a waste of electricity.

Just my 2 cents.

On the other hand, the merged mining on you Litecoin pool is totally awesome!!  Wanted to pay you a compliment before passing you all bad news.


  • Found a block again!!  Did you guys figure something out??

  • Hello.

    You can't use "normal" calculators for PPC. Only 12 PoW blocks are minted per day on PPC (all the rest are PoS). It's not unusual having this long blocks (as we have days of having 2 blocks in the same day).


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    Hello everyone, as some of you may have noticed my hashrate is now removed from the PPC pool. This is due to a thunderstorm that knocked out some of my units. Because of the loss of hardware and exchange rate drop on PPC I have been forced to consolidate what remaining equipment I have. After I finish with the insurance claim and replacing my damaged units I hope to return to the PPC pool. I will make a post here when I have an estimated return date.

  • I know there was recently a fork in the PPC blockchain, and from reading other forums that khaos was very quick to take actions in regards to this fork. But have we suffered extreme bad luck in finding a block recently, or is their still an issue with PPC mining? The PPC pool was doing quite well before the blockchain fork, but we haven't found a block since this moment.

  • Bump... I have a small amount (200-500 mh) of sha256 where should I point it? It seems both PPC and BTC pools are not hitting any blocks. BTC understood, PPC is perhaps in need of a service restart? I am a loyal GMC fan!!!

    Thanks in advance,

     - UnklAdM
  • I see that PPC hasn't found a block in 4 months.  I decided to point some hashrate at the pool, not a ton, but I would expect to find a block in about a week, but after mining all night I see my expected share of the next block is only .12!?!?  So after looking a little closer I see that already something like 33 times the amount of shares expected for a block at this difficulty have already been submitted towards the next block.  I think this is broken in such a way that nobody will come mine here.  I am not going to point my miners at the pool for a week and find a block only to get paid a lousy coin or two.  And nobody else seems likely to either.

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