Add GMC to ZenMiner Cloud!!

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I've recently added a request to add GMC to ZenMiner cloud as a site of choice for mining.  I know they boast 99.9% uptime as a perk to using their service, and I think that is why their choice of pools is limited.  I've been mining here for a while now with my miners at home, and have just started using hosted scrypt miners.  I'd like to see this pool benefit from the possible added hashrate of a cloud based service.  So, I've requested GMC be added to their portfolio of mining sites on  I don't know if this will require any input from the administrators of this pool to join this cloud based service, but I can't see anything but benefit from it.

If you own any ZenMiner equipment, please post to show support.  Thanks.


  • Hey for sure we are keen.

    We can provide them a private server just for them away from the other servers also. We are also (as far as i know) the only tripple merged mining LTC pool.

  • Awesome, so if you have a ZenMiner capable miner or are planning on buying one, go to and suggest GMC as an available pool!!

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