Dogecoin to Merge-Mine with Litecoin

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According to this, DogeCoin has finally decided to merge-mine with LTC.

I'd be very, very interested to have this in GMC when it happens! :)


  • for sure saw the news earlier when they have a release date ready we will be on it.

    will have to see if the dev can provide some test code for us to get thigns ready.

  • I suspect we will be able to have merged DGC at launch time. :D

  • Doge coin still listed as "soon"
    Is it going to be a choice or is that option not going to become a reality?

  • the merged fork is set for the 10th so in about 3 days. the devs didn't give us a clear date till recently. If you read up the thread more info is there

  • I missed this post.  Good to know.  I'm looking forward to adding Doge in this manner.

  • Are we merge mining Dogecoin(DOGE) or Digitalcoin(DGC)?

  • DOGE coin has been added as merge mine

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    Confused, DOGE or DGC? 

  • That's why I asked. It says DGC on the dashboard and stats pages, but I guess its DOGE.

  • good find guys. it is DOGE will fix site now

  • Are there any plans to improve the Dogecoin merge mining? I find the merge mining returns on this site for this coin to be extremely poor in comparison to other sites.

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