Noble Zim's Peercoin Challenge

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This is a contest with prizes of 5, 10, and 15 Peercoin!

Miner must be an active Miner on
Reward is only for the Peercoin Pool
Reward is only for Blocks found by
Reward is only offered in PPC
Reward is only offered to the person who found the Block
One entry per miner (Please update old post with new block information)
Contest date is from August 1st 2014 until August 31st 2014

Submit a post on this thread with a link to the block on

How I will decide the winner:
Block must be smaller in size that all other blocks submitted.
First Place(The smallest block) will be awarded 15 Peercoin
Second Place(2nd smallest block) will be awarded 10 Peercoin
Third Place(3rd smallest Block) will be awarded 5 Peercoin

Please post all contest submissions under this post.
The winner will be announced after evaluation of the blocks submitted
Good luck to everyone!
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