PLX is dead, drop it for EXE or Umbrella?

edited July 2014 in General

I'm just curious what everyone thinks on the subject. Cant see plx being worth mining with no active dev or community.


  • Yes, it become really hard to sell it as price drops faster than I mine them. And Poloniex has operation limitations. But nor execoin, nor umbrella are merged coins. So lets stay with PLX and see, maybe it revives.

  • As soon as source code is available we will test merged mining Umbrella LTC and VTC. For now there's no source code available to us but the umbrella team as already approached us.

  • Submitted source yesterday.  Hopefully we can have this awesome pool by launch.  Looking at Friday of this week.

  • Launch changed to Monday 28th.  Hopefully this pool is ready, a lot of people are looking for a good merged-mine pool.

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