Why are people leaving Give me coins?

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I love this pool, been mining since May of 2013 and the pool peak around 10 GH/s or more but now people are leaving? This pool is stable, mining is solid, payment is spot on, what is the deal?

I notice a slow decline since ASIC hit the market, but it is still going? I know the earning is more varied now because of the hashrate is lower but if more people join here then the earning is more stable is flat line.


  • Hi EasyQuest,

    I m join this pool at the middle of Dec 2013 and I saw what you mentioned before. I am with you this is pretty cool site.

    If you asking me why I left the LTC pool? I tell you, because I can 't mine simple is that. I have more recurrent of rejected in an infinite loop. I really wan't to stay but is not possible by now.

    Happy mining!


  • It sucks, this is a great pool, I have no problems with high rejects or anything like that, but when we only find 3 blocks in a day the earnings are really low. :(

    How can we attract more people to this great pool?!

  • I'll tell ya why people are leaving its because this pool jacks up the difficulty and you end up mining all day for 0.01000 of a lite coin where as you can go to just about any other pool and get a full lite coin a day 1.000 some times more and thats after you pay a small 1% fee. plus some thing is way off here all the sudden with the hash rates they are showing.makes me think they are stealing hashes and claiming lower hashes on there graphs. Not only that but now we are to believe that we are mining for double coins and getting one of them for free??Not true it clearly shows I am mining lite coin at a set hash rate and I am mining for PTC coin at a set hash rate and I am getting less then half of that PTC coin ever week then what I was getting  a month ago. And dont tell me the difficulty went up on PTC coins cause they are completely worthless right now. maybe worth a few cents here and there. so please tell me why we are only getting 0.01 a day now when I hash around 1.5Mhs non stop 24/7?? there is no way in hell it is taking a round 12-24 hours to complete..

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    @justinbaileyman you wont get 1 ltc for 1.5mh anywhere. im lucky to get .7 of a coin with 12 mh. You math is way off. As for server difficulty it has nothing to do with how blocks are found it is designed to keep shares submitted at a steady rate reducing chatter and serverload.

    PTC diff has also gone up as the network is now over 100gh from other pools merged mining it now so we have to complete against that also.

    @monalisa have you tried another server. The 4334 ones were made to help when the botnets were pounding all others servers a few weeks back.

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    Luck has been a shit for the last 2 days. TRUE!

    No need for "conspiracy theories" about stealing users shares and other crap like that. We have always been honest to and for our users.

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    Yeah that guy clearly has no clue, 1LTC/day with 1.5MH? Lmao!

    Guy the LTC difficulty is over 15000 now and rising fast. I have 115MH and I get like 6-7LTC/day, so divide that by 100 for 1.5MH/s. The pool you're on doesn't make much of difference to that figure.

    We have been pretty unlucky with block finding for the last couple of days at GMC though. Hope it picks up soon. :(

    I'm sticking with you guys. See if you can do some marketing on litecointalk and bitcointalk or something, get some more hash so the block finding is more consistent?

  • yeah basically we need to get some mor hash somehow or please the gods for some amazing luck lol

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    I'm waiting for the new sha-256 coin to be added. I don't have any scrypt mining equipment, and currently don't have the power available for it. But rest assured that whatever coin you add will get my full 4 ths + 3 - 4 Antminer s1's. Then maybe people will flock to this pool, and say "Hey I forgot I got all this ASIC scrypt mining equipment, leme hook that up." 

  • Hi serraz,

    I have tried it but there's no lucky.

    I'm minning other coins to see what happens.


  • no problem if you want to try soem things contact me on irc via email or on here and we can see if we can figure out what the issue is.

  • Well the last two days have been a lot better, hopefully we continue to have days like this! :)

  • Today we are on fire. :D

  • Yeah it's awesome! :D

  • BTW, I've added "luck" to block stats:

  • What does the % mean specifically?

  • the % is against expected time / shares

  • I may leave because of the following:
    I noticed that the my mining results seemed to be running rather low, and decreasing with time.  I understand that the LiteCoin mining difficulty is increasing and this will cause the mining success to decrease.  But the success results just didn't seem right. So I decided to set up a test to see if this pool is adding some hidden fees/charges or otherwise loads the pool miners with a lower return.
    In order to test this I set up two mining rigs using 5 Zeus Blizzards each.  The rigs are identical with identical settings and identical hardware.  I started both rigs on June 24rh and let them run until this morning - almost 16 days.  They both ran solid without interruption.  (Those Zeus Blizzards are good products.)  When I checked the coins generated from each site, I got the following results:

    Give-Me-Coins:  7.47 LiteCoins
    Other Site:  7.95 LiteCoins

    The other site generated about 1/2 more coins, or about 6.4% more coins.  Since the coin generating process is a random statistical process I would think that after 16 days, the delta would not be as great as it was - 6.4%.  I would think that the delta should be much smaller, on the order of 1% or so.  Serraz - any comments?

    I do like this site because of its user interface.  It is absolutely the best I have come across.  But if I can do better mining at other sites, why stay?

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    not sure if its even worth me explaining it again to be honest. End of the day we cant controll luck or blocks found which is what it comes down to. Also if the other pool is PPS not PPLNS alot of factors.

    We are not stealing shares or any of that crap and we are not hiding blocks you can even check as the mining address is public and people would notice. We pay when a block is found simple as that.

    I cant stop you from leaving so whatever you decide to do i wish you luck and i will keep making this place better for those that use it.

  • @f606713

    Interesting test, but unfortunately there are much more factors. I'm sure that if you did run the test again you would probably get the opposite results.

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    Lots of fear that the pool is stealing coins, when it all comes down to blocks. No blocks, no payout. Lets not forget that the pool is not paying us for shares, they are paying us for our share of the shifts that find a block. As people leave/join, and the pool hashrate decreases/increases, the pools ability to find a block will be affected. This will change your payout. The best way to stabilize your payout is to work together with the other miners, and stabilize the pools hashrate.

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    I love GMC been mining since May of 2013 and still going strong yeah luck sucks sometimes but if more people join more blocks will be found more often, means a more regular payout and less variation of earning.

  • first off serraz   great site thanks for what you do   obviously things are getting harder   i started with 4 GPu cards etc 2.4 mhz    sold them now have 2 sets of blades so 10 + mhz    so trundling along  its just a hobby   my main question is   do i stay mining LTC  or should i be looking at other coins    sorry if in the wrong post but wanted to show support for the site as well as ask the question     thanks 

  • @kingscoot im honestly not sure on profitability on coins anymore so i just leave my scrypt gear on ltc and sha gear was on BTC but now on PPC (because we have it here).

    I find that coinwarz and all those sites change profitibility way way too much to keep up with so i cant give you a accurate guess on a coin that might be most profitable.

  • 15 days later people are still leaving....... I really do not want this pool to die....

  • I don't think. We wont let it! :)

    We had a major shift on LTC, caused by a flood of ASICs. People want to ROI ASAP and therefore they jump to whatever PPS pool they find. As soon as things get more stable many will come back.

    Also, we plan in offer more merged mining options on LTC. Maybe Umbrella-LTC.

  • I don't know about the rest of the people here, but I'll tell ya why I'm about to leave...

    It's a hobby for me - Something for my PC's to do when my family and I are not at them.  I have about 4 rigs here, and if I wasn't doing this, they'd still be on 24/7, just idle, or running Folding@home.  I opted to see what I could make, for fun, mind you, by running this instead.

    In total, I've gathered some chump change.  I'm not complaining (yet), in fact, I've been happy with what I generated.  That all changed recently, however, with the latest difficulty level.

    I have mined for the last 6 days, and literally only gone up 0.03 ltc.  Again, I do this for fun - I run a 7970 which used to hash mid-700'd, now with new diff it hits 400-500Kh/s, and the other two worthy ones had 4890's in them which used to do about 145'ish each.  It is now absolutely useless for me to continue to mine in this pool.  I'm going to look at some of the other websites and see if their difficulty is lower, though I have no idea what 'ours' used to be here months ago when I was still able to do SOMETHING.  And don't get me wrong, I NEVER churned out an LTC a day, or a week, not even close probably..  It was more of a 'hey, your computers sat idle running this and after maybe three weeks, maybe a month (don't really know, I just know watching my balance here has never been slower, and less redemption-feeling, than it is these days.  After watching like 6 days my balance rise only .03 I feel it's time to look elsewhere.  Not that the grass is any greener anywhere else, I don't know, I've never looked, but if it isn't, than I'm going to turn my idle process back to folding@home or something more satisfying, unless the difficulty drops back down here or something. 

    That being said, I've been looking at those gridseed units, too, wondering if they are still pulling in the reported 350-450 (the small, round fan/heatsink ones) so who knows, I may buy one or two of those and see what they do (or maybe someone with some will read this and report their actual, current day hash-rate??? :) )  and invest a bit into the hobby, but it seems here, at least, the days of s 7970 card (and smaller ones) being of ANY use are gone. 

    So as to why everyone's leaving, I'd speculate it's not that everyone is leaving, it's all the small hobbyists like myself that are leaving, and all the big dogs / businesses / people 'doing it for a living' are still going strong.. 

  • @MTXRooster Pool difficulty has no affect on your miners hashrate it should NEVER change (unless you change miner settings). Network difficults is always changing (same for ALL pools) which cause longer blocks and less coins per day.

    Smaller share difficulty on a pool jsut increass load on the servers does not make a single scrap of difference to the generation. It will only get smaller as the NETWORK difficulty goes up.

  • Really?  Wonder why my 7970 is performing so poorly now then?  I just assumed (sorry for that) it was tied into the network difficulty..  Read around where people talk about how they get less and less coins as time goes by, and the difficulty goes up, just made the incorrect conclusion that was the reason..  Guess I need to investigate my rig then..

    First place to start I suppose will be drivers, as I did update them awhile ago to the latest..  Got 13.12 on here currently - Anyone else notice any poor'er performance with this driver?  Be a bummer, cuz it make a couple games play even better lol, but...  Might be the place to start reverting and testing..

  • MTXRooster - I wouldn't recommend getting any of the 5 chip Gridseeds that hash in the 350-500 KH/s range.  There is much more economical options though it is a matter of opinion if you can actually profit on most of them.  If you want something cheaper, check out gawminers.com or check for the deal of the day at oneminer.com.  You can pick up a Fury that will hash up to 1.3 MH/s for somewhere in the $50 to $70 range or go bigger with the Black Widow in the $430 range for 13 MH/s.  Oneminer.com has some decent sales each day, just have to keep checking back.

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    I can't say why people are leaving gmc, but i can explain why i stopped mining ltc on it.

    I'm actually using two gridseed gblades for a total of 10,5 mhs average, this gives me more or less 0,5 ltc a day.

    When mining on gmc, i had to constantly monitor the website for problems. gmc would very frequently tell me i'm at 7,5mhs for no reason why cgminer still tell me all is fine. I started to investigate what could be wrong in my setup and found nothing more that just restarting cgminer to see my hashrate going back to normal.

    Then i decided to give a shot to another pool (coinot***) to see if i had the same problems.

    My first restart of cgminer was after 10 days. The hashrate is yet very very stable at 10+ mhs.

    I'm not here to claim there is a problem with gmc or so, it can be a network problem, latency or whatever (my actual pool is in europe and this can do a difference in the network maybe). It's just that at the end i choose to not have to check 3 times a day on gmc if everything is fine with my hashrate.

    What i can't explain is that i have very very good result on vtc with gmc. The hashrate is ultra stable and i'm very happy of it.
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    you probably had your blades on a vardiff server (which they do not like).
    I dont recall hearing from you even once about the issues that you were experiencing untill now so how could i help you resolve them???

    you can try the static diff servers if you like but thats up to you.

  • Hi Serraz,

    Just reporting.

    How I have tried to show you in the support ticket #662843, which is closed now. I see how no matter what driver or launch-config I used or the coin I was minning, what definitely seems succesfully to me is just one foreign address that the pool gives to me (I'm not sure if I may post here).

    As allways I'm fine.

  • Hello everybody. 

    I'm on this pool (with other user) almost a year, since the other user I was sharing with a friend now I bought some asic hard I have the user by my own. 

    I started with my mining ring on coinking, the took 1% but I can convert all the mining coins to other coin that I selectr, for example bitcoin when I mining doge or ltc. 

    I'm jumping between pools now. Give me coins have share mining, BUT I'm getting 12% rejected on nvidia hard and 5 % on the asic ring... thats awful! I will keep mining until round the coins and then switch finally for the other pool. I can't stand for 12% of rejected rate :(

  • well... i just joined so i can't say much about much... though i am concerned about the fact i hooked up one of my hashers on this pool...just changed config and launched proxy...it was crunching 31 GH/s on other pool... can't even seem to get outta the "KH/s" range let alone into the MH/s

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    sad thing is...proxy reporting great... web interface.. Jobs:0Jobs:0000010533 Accepted:0000009381 Rejected:0000000004 (3:6) F1 F2 F3
    MHS:35267 Utility:482 Efficieny:089.06%000010533 Accepted:0000009381 Rejected:0000000004 (3:6) F1 F2 F3
    35267 MHS is what my hasher is outputing... dashboard says 44k ...running at diff 1024

  • Which pool what miner. If you were mining SHA and went to scrypt you wont get over KH perhaps MH if this is on the ppc pool then i have a different set of questions. If this is a sha asic on the scrypt pool then it will never work. This to me looks like a basic configuration error.

    This is not a issue with the pool at all. Happy to work with you to get the config working correctly. Happy to chat on IRC in this thread or in a support ticket.
  • @deftoner

    If you would like to try some things you are welcome to stay. if you don't want to then i cannot force you either. We have setup multiple servers to help with reject issues 
  • @serraz I just switched to the ltc server on port 80 and the reject drop to 2%. witch still high comparing to the others pool but is more acceptable. I like the merged mining. So I'll keep mining here for a while. If there is other server that is not listed on "pools" link on the page please tell me. 

    Thanks for your reply.
  • 2% is acceptable. Merged mining can cause a few more rejected shares with miners due to all the chains that the shares are being sent to at the same time. 

    the other option is to try a static difficulty server rather then a vardiff server. between 1 - 2% is acceptable but i dont really ever get over 0.2 - 0.7% rejects at any given time.
  • Hi Serraz,

    Totaly unexpected, from the 25th of June my rejected in LTC pool was around 15-30% in a long session, with a poor DB hash rate.
    I don't try anything new on my end than the last months. Last time I restart, Thursday in the evening in a VARDIFF server, it was a surprise that my rejected has gone no more than (0.x%) in 24/48 hours and when I have a black flat line (average) my DB hashrate is quite below than the miner itself .
    At the time I'm writting I have 96 hours in a non stop session my rejected are sticked in (0.x%), but my DB hash rate is still poor.

  • what hardware are you using? and which server are you currently on.

  • Few hours later from my last post rejected started to climb fast.

    I am using a GeForce GTS 250 DK 1G and I am currently on server ltc-eu.give-me-coins.com:3333

  • just for a test are you able to try a different server and see if it makes any difference?

    Please report back once tested.

    Thanks for the help :)
  • When I said 'climb fast' its just for a few hours then my miner sticket on accepted : x/x (97.4x) I'm able to see how my DB hash rate is flat and acurrate and my rejected on every merge coins is around (3.x%) this situacion was during no more than 15 hours then accepted: drop again and don't stop. Hours later have diferent % of rejected in merge coins my less is (8.x%) and my hight (17.x%)

    I started new session on server ltc-eu.give-me-coins.com:3334 (geve me same node) 24 hours later my miner shows accepted: x/x(88.x%) my DB (average) hash rate is near to flat line.
    After an automatic reconnection (geve me diferent node) see how my accapted: star to up (90.x%)

  • Near 48 hours later having different 66.x.x.x on port 3334, the last 24 hours, my less accepted: x/x (90.74%) and my high accepted: x/x (90.81%). It happens in different periods of time in the same day. It seems to tend up, right now it is (90.92%).
    My % of rejeccted on merged coins are again almost the same on every merged coins. They are still a bit high.

    I hope this would be helpful. If you want to try something please let me know. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated and welcomed.

  • Hi Serraz,

    Those days ago I try with every possible combination of server/port giving me 2 different ip.

    Its hard to me, and not seeing much difference betwing ports. But I can see differences between those 2 ip. In fact, those few hours ago I only have a booo in one of them when the pool found a block.

  • it could be load on one of the servers. try the US servers

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