PTC (PesetaCoin)

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PesetaCoin is worthless for most of but for me, a pesetas (the originals) collector whey are worth something. 

So If you don't want yours send them to this address: 


Thank you very much! :)


  • Too funny. ....

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    Hello AJRamos.
    Funny post. I've sent you 1 PTC.
    Hope you collect many more, mining at our Pool.


  • THANKS!!!!

    I'm mining at this pool since I've started mining. One of the best pools if not the best!
    PTCs unfortunately are worth less than 1 cent... :/
  • Hey they are not worthless at all and are starting to spike up several cents LOL unlike the Litecoin which is dropping vastly. its damn near worth only $8.00 bucks now..I have been mining all week at 1.45GH's and am only getting 1 litecoin for a weeks worth of mining which is stupid if its getting this hard to mine. So Yeah please send me your PTC as well if you dont want them. Also any place to start mining only these ptc coins cause I think Im gonna jump ship now on litecoin??

    My PTC Wallet

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    PTC is merged minign by design. what is the difference if you go to a PTC only pool ( you wont find one). think of it this way PTC is 6gh ltc is 6gh so you are basically on a ltc and ptc pool as they both share the same shares.

  • No PTC pools?? Bull I have found like 10 PTC pools.. I was thinking that if I join a PTC pool I could be making 10 times the amount of PTC I am given from This pool if I mine them myself. unless this pool is giving out the same amount you would be from mining these PTC alone instead of along side the Litecoin.
    No problem though.. I dropped off for a few days but am back up and running for now so we'll see how things go for the next week.That will be the deciding factor if i stay here or not.

  • mate as i explained in my last comment. its basically a PTC pool and a LTC pool together. we take no fees so you are earning the same ptc here as other pools im not sure how much clearer i can make it.

    the full ptc reward is split to all LTC miners there is no downside at all. you will get less per block due to the ammount on miners but it will be the same if nto higher here due to the frequency of blocks we find.

  • If you mine at a PTC pool you get no LTC, if you mine here at GMC you get LTC AND the same rate as if you mined at a dedicated PTC pool. It's an absolute no brainer!

  • Thanks for explaining about PTC! You would laugh if I told you how much time I spent trying to figure out why I was mining PTC when I was trying to mine LTC. It's a nice little bonus! You guys are great! THANKS!!

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