New give-me-alts pool.

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ok i have a little surprise for you.

We have been thinking of a way to give you guys coins you want on give-me-coins. What we have decided is that we will create a secondary pool which we can add and remove coins at will and if they look extremely promising then we will migrate them to the main give-me-coins website.

We have called this new pool give-me-alts and it will be run on the Node Open Mining platform heavily modified by ourselves. Currently only darkcoin is active but we plan to add more coins in future.

This pool is in a open beta and as such has a 0% fee attached to it. We are working on the front end to make it tie into our main site better but all mining and payouts are now active.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no login for this you simple use your wallet address as your username and anything as a password you are also paid when a block is found directly to your wallet so please do not set this to a exchange address.

The website url for this new pool is and we will be adding a link from the main site as we develop the frontend more.

Any questions let me know.


  • firewall fixed. miners assemble :P

  • do i need a port number ??

    .\minerd.exe -a X11 -o ......

  • go to gettign started and click darkcoin :) i beleive its 3340

  • So i am thinking of maybe migrating the alts into the main site seems to be to be the same ammount of effort involved modding that as it would be to intergrade the stats into our existing site (i also prefer our site)

    input welcome :)

  • @edosterman please refer to my main post it is a seprate site. .

  • Still stumped
    I cannot browse to Server error 504
    Managed to get a gpu miner going against this with port 3340 but with a hash rate around 2mhs, getting shares accepted but the "accept" rate is zero.
    I did manage to get a cpu miner going around 180K but have no feedback that it is effective.

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    you might need to refresh the frontend a few times. we are intergrating it with our current site as its going to be more work to not only fix it but make it look like the site. Its working at the moment for miners to check stats etc etc but the main part the backend is working properly just the frontend is very very buggy and you can blame the stupid botnets for that

  • finally connected to alt.give-me-coins.

    As you said - it took many attempts.

    Will throw some more miners against it today.


  • Quick summary of what it took.

    Once I had access to alt.give-me-coins - i could see my Windows GPU Miners were actually getting shares.

    The client which I downloaded from has a very messy interface and does not report WU or Accepted shares at all.

    Windows CPU Miner from works fine.

    I am throwing 4MH against it now via several computers.

    Hopeful for some $$ now.

    Thanks Serraz.

  • Hey guys,

    You mig thave to see if you can cope with the alts site for a little while longer some other urgent issues have come up and halted development of mergeing the two pools.

  • Awesome guys. Great work.

    @edosterman: Encountered the same. None of the Darkcoin miners I've seen actually have "Accepted Shares" reported correctly (usually zero or near zero). Instead they seem to tally accepted shares into the "Local Work" metric. Work in progress I guess…

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    @serraz: Would love to see pulling alts into the main site for a one-stop-shop experience. Then would also be able to access with the JSON API (assuming that API isn't available for the alts site). Might need to revert back to a pop down list of coins though as the site supports a larger number of alts.

    EDIT: Just noticed the API section on the alts site.
  • shoudl eb able to get back on that soon had soem major things to take care of which were urgent

  • i'm in !

  • Hi serraz, Darkcoin pool is down..
    is normal?
  • Down here too

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    dameon update ready for the hard fork on friday. looks like node didnt like the update. sorry about that guys :\ restarted nomp lets see now

  • looks ok now 12 instant connects

  • first couple of darkcoin blocks found awesome!

  • Any news on a new pool for sha miners yet?

  • DOGE has been added to alts

  • If you guys would allow mining over port 80 I'd add 15Mhs to the pool :D

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    in your situation you can use a proxy or port foward. we sadley cant make a port 80 server on every pool

  • I'm not sure I can. I firstly lack robust knowledge of setting it up properly and securely. Also I will most likely violate some terms and rules for the network if I try routing traffic through proxy box at home. Any tips? :)

    I understand you cant make every pool a port 80 server, I was merely pointing out my willingness to contribute to the hashrate if I could :)
  • Darkcoin is looking pretty stable on the GMC alts site with over 200 MH/s as I write. Any chance it will be migrating over to the main GMC site soon?

  • @Calithilon yep thinking about moving it over to gmc format. We are also looking to merge alts website into gmc but keep them seprate pools and migrate them over to a seprate eloipool pool if we feel they are legit or gain alot of momentum like darkcoin seems to be doing.

    Once we have alts merged we will do more promoting i have not announced it in many places yet as alts is not complete and lacks alot of stats but very impressive growth with no announcing i am really happy with it.

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    GTX 650 Ti hashing around 1.2MH using ccminer v1.2. Well happy with this pool :-) 

    Just one question, as it's the first time I've mined direct to a wallet I know in the first post you state "you are also paid when a block is found" how often is this on average? 
  • Ok, ignore my last comment! I've just read the 'Darkcoin pool' post which has answer my question....

  • @serraz: Okay cool, I'll just hold tight then until alts are merged into GMC instead of trying to program against the alts API.

  • I've got a spare GTX650 2GB I'd like to throw at a pool but can't stand DOGE. Any chance you will add POT to the mix? Thanks

  • hi
    I am mining for 2 or 3 week, in this time the pool found 2 block but at the moment i don't receive any coin in my wallet.
    What could be happens? any idea?
    Pls help me
    thank in advance
    PD: I am a tiny miner
  • are you mining to a wallet address or a exchange address?

  • Dogecoin will start merged mining on the 12th of September.

  • sorry for the late answer...
    I am mining wtih a wallet adress and I am sync frecuently and still nothing
  • @dpovarchik: payout on alts pool only occurs when your balance is above the threshold.

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