Windows: Pool Watcher app

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It's been done for Android and iPhone/iPad, now I'd like to give away what I've made. A simple program that does similar to these apps but for Windows.

UPDATE 11/09/2014:

Program can be updated on the fly:

   - Coins listed can be added\removed from the Coin Selection without a program update.
   - Coins listed in the Prices section can be added\removed and the colour changed without program update.

Round Shares now has a percentage compared to the pool's shares.

Price, User, Pool, Worker data updated every 30secs. Program update check every 1hour.



All suggestions welcome. Source available upon request. I'm active in the IRC chatroom as [VTC]Rise.

NOTES: To stop the program from checking for a program update, open the settings file and leave the URL value blank.


  • Program updated. Details above.

  • Very nice Rise! Congratz! 

    I would like to make a request. I would love to have a Linux version. Is it possible?


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