Vertcoin Miners Hashrate Seems Low

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Getting pretty low hashrate from what others are saying they are getting on Vertcoin. Also, the consensus is you need at least 8gb ram correct? Does it matter about any other specs on the RAM?

First Rig:( 2x 290 with 8gb RAM ) Avg of 690Kh/s

-o stratum+tcp:// -I 16 -w 256 --thread-concurrency 24500 --gpu-engine 860 --gpu-memclock 1200 --gpu-powertune 20 --temp-cutoff 99 --temp-overheat 95 --temp-target 85 --gpu-fan 50-100 --auto-fan

2nd Rig:( 3x 7950 with 8gb RAM ) Avg of 740Kh/s
-o stratum+tcp:// -I 20 --auto-fan --gpu-fan 50-100 --thread-concurrency 8192 --gpu-powertune 20  --gpu-engine 1000 --gpu-memclock 1500 -w 256 --lookup-gap 0

Thoughts on this setup?


  • any advice?

    Thanks for helping!

  • Hello, I have some 7950 and my best Hash is about 315 per card using BAMT with Thread at 21712.
    I can detail my conf file here, but be aware of which voltage you are using (press the dual bios blue light gives normally less voltage, less temp and more KH/s)

  • Thanks for the response but I do not have cards with a push button, but they do have a dual switch.

    My voltage is set at 1.1v through MSI afterburner.
  • If im not able to resolve this, I will be shutting the machines down since at .12 cents/kwh I am only making $.04 a day with this setup :(

  • Try this settings :

    I 13
    lookup gap 2
    Gpu threads 1
    Thread 21712
    Core 1060
    Mem 1500

    This settings with voltage at 1.16 (Can be less, on BAMT I can't modify it)

  • Be sure, intensity can't be higher than 13 with one thread.
    Normaly with this conf, you're gonna reach easily 300 on Nscrypt.
    A little bit more or less Core clock (Dépends YOUR Rejected %) like 1070 or 1050

  • Havent messed with the 7950 but I did use the following for my 2x 290 for a hashrate of 700, change of 10 hash :(

    -o stratum+tcp:// -I 16 -w 256 --thread-concurrency 24500 --gpu-engine 860 --gpu-memclock 1200 --gpu-powertune 20 --temp-cutoff 99 --temp-overheat 95 --temp-target 85 --gpu-fan 50-100 --auto-fan--lookup-gap 2 --gpu-threads 1
  • remember scrypt-n is 40% of scrypt hash

  • If that is the case, then it is not profitable to mine any coin right now for me.

    I used to get 2.4 mHs on LTC (4x 7950) and should be able to get 960 which is true, I can get that. This is no way profitable as I am using more energy than getting in return.

    Until further notice all 4 rigs are shutoff until either profitability changes or my configs are figured out.

    Any concurrency higher than my 8192 shuts the 1st card down.
  • but you forget everyoen else is running 40% of scrypt also so its the exact same..

    try mining darkcoin on apparently x11 uses less power

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    It seems like every calculation I use, DRK is not profitable.

    Sidenote, what version of vertminer are you using? Im using 0.5.2.

    It seems to get a decent hash on VTC it is taking alot more power to get to it.

    2400 mhs @ 850 watts at the wall

    1000 mhs @ 1000 watts at the wall

    My total mining power on LTC was as follows:
    8600 mhs @ 3200 watts
  • Anyone notice a hash increase with moving from Windows to BAMT?

    Im really trying to get this working since I believe in the future of VTC but I cannot do it at a loss.
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    Hey Dlauth,

    If you come to the IRC chatroom I can help you with the 290 setup for vertcoin. These are the cards I run on my rigs and get about 420~430 kh/s per card.

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