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As you are all aware we here at give-me-coins are always looking for ways to improve the pool in all aspects. We have added Pesetacoin and Umbrella which is merge mineable with Litecoin.

All Litecoin miners will automatically be earning Pesetacoin AND umbrella without
any changes on your LTC miners.. The hashrate is shared between the two
coins so all miners will be earning it automatically.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


  • We have just added umbrella to be merged mined alongside LTC and PTC.


  • I just read this
    and I am wondering if the option to link Doge with Lite will also be considered here?

    I'm not for or against either way - just curious.

  • yes we will :)

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    To round-out my inquiry - Do you/we have a timeline as to when the doge - lite link will happen?

    I tried to do a little digging - and couldn't find a timeline.


  • no timeline that i can find. attempting to contact dev

  • Ive noticed that syscoin is merge minned with LTC now but when i click it from the dropdown menu it takes me to uLTC.. is it just not fully functional on the site as of yet?

  • syscoin is currently broken. We are working with the devs to figure it out but at the moment it is not merged mineable.

  • ah ok thanks for the quick respones :)

  • Looks like next version will fix merged mining. We will be testing and enabling it as soon as possible.

    Also, Dogecoin devs have already released new wallet. Merged mining will start on block 371337 (approx. 12th of September).


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    SYS IS LIVE!!!

  • Just logged in and saw that SYS was also merged mining. I feel like it's my birthday! You guys rock! 

    Many thanks, Serraz, Khaos and GMC. Hard work much appreciated =)

    Where to send you enough for a beer? Main pool donation addy?
  • We need a SYS donation addy!:D

  • Haha! I think that getting in with early adopter advantage will mean a lot of SYS for GMC miners. Network difficulty is 167 and we are 75% of the network at the moment. It has been a while since I last saw coins fly out the mint like these are! =)

  • Are you going to add Doge to LTC?  I keep reading that it's officially merged mining now and I wouldn't mind adding to my count.  I love the merged mining.

  • You guys are the best! Thanks so much for continuing to stay at the forefront of what can be done with merged mining. This pool just keeps getting better =)

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    ANC will soon be forking their blockchain soon and enabling AuxPOW. Once this happens will it be added here to be merge mined?

  • we can add it sure will look into it

  • Quick question -- regarding all of the merge-mined currencies (except DOGE) with Litecoin:  Why are the effective difficulties significantly higher than the actual difficulties (for SYS, uLTC, and PTC)?

    Statistically, we should see roughly an even amount of "good" and "bad" CDFs; however, for the non-Litecoin currencies, there is more "bad" CDFs than one would expect -- significantly more. It's not that we have an equal amount of good or bad luck... but almost ALWAYS bad luck on the merge-mined currencies (SYS, uLTC, and PTC).

    Many thanks in advance and my apologies if this has been answered, previously. 
  • How do I withdraw my Dogecoins? Can only seem to withdraw the LTC... are they just to look at?

  • If you look at the top  right of the page click LTC and switch the site to DOGE then you can set the settings to take them out same as the rest of the coins.

  • So I'v been messing around with my Titan here for couple of days. Just a question though that comes out of the fact that this piece of machine will not be profitable at all.

    Would it be possible to add more merge-minable scrypt coins? Fastcoin or 42 or smth...
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    it is something we can look into. The issues with adding any random coin is that we need to ensure the source code doesn't open up any security problems or unpatched unmaintained coins crash or require massive code changes.

  • understood :) but is there any plans on some extra scrypt coins?

    I wouldn't even mind a x% poolfee on LTC if more coins could be merge mined that are present on some bigger exchanges.
  • sure we can look into certain coins for sure we will look into the suggestions you have already made. 

  • Viacoin merge possible?

  • thank you for the VIAcoin :)

  • It seems VIA coin merged mining not working right now ?

  • what do you mean? I see that coins are coming - not much but still coming.

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