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I seem to have a problem re-using worker names. (or possibly having several miners using the same worker).

For example - vertminer runs well against a worker called ed.worker1

if i stop vertminer and restart it - it bombs waiting for the URL or credentials or something.

If i restart with a different worker it starts just fine.



  • strange. When did this start?

    and can you provide any logs?

  • just bounched the server. will see whats happenieng.

  • thanks - i think something changed
    i can stop vertminer, change a parameter and start it and it works okay now.
    this works on my linux box but my windows pc still has trouble restarting - it starts but the AMD card runs at about 10% or normal
    I can get it going but fully powering down my PC and then it runs full speed again.
    gonna keep digging

    keep up the good work.

  • Edosterman, did you figure anything out on this? I have one PC that needs to restart everytime to get running fully. I'm stuck on the issue.

  • Try connecting via teh IP address and see if it helps

  • So I continue to have problems with some of my mining pcs.
    For example. One PC has two amd cards. If I power down and back up some of the time both cards start full speed.
    Sometimes the first card runs at 10% or so.
    I think the card is broken, but then I point both cards to ltc and both are working full speed.
    Switch back to vtc and the first card is slow again.

    Checked drivers, etc and all seems okay.

    I can see that the vtc pool does not have reverse DNS enabled. Could this be causing some grief?
    Not sure if some miners check that.

  • remember scrypt-n is between 40 - 50% less then scrypt and i believe it does require twice the memory so that might explain the ysage on the card.

    Ip shoudl still work. I waas informed that the DNS problems were resolved but i will chase it up with our provider once again.

    did  you check the Ip address?

  • I know the hash rate is lower.
    When the second card is 100% and the first card 10% that is a problem.
    A different coin and both cards mine at the same speed.
    Not a big deal. When this happens I switch coins. Frustrating is all....
    I will switch to IP only tomorrow.

  • ohh i get you usage wise. well that is very weird. Is it a different miner osftware between both or as you usign sgminer which can mine all algos?

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