MON mining failure

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Hello guys,

I just wondering is this an extremely unlucky round for MON or it's a pool problem?
13,333,086 shares alrready...



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    i think its a pool issue not displaying blocks. MIght take a while to fix as im not currently in a situation whrer i can sit infront of it.

    However rest assured we will fix it all up sorry for the time its takeing to get it sorted

  • To help calm you you can also see the last block says it still needs 29 confirms therefore thats telling me a cron might be stuck.

    ill try to get it sorted ASAP once again sorry its been so long.

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    No trouble at all.

    I'm just happy somebody is already working on it.

    Thank you!
  • ok MON shoudl be ok now what happened is the block reward went down to 24 :) should be good now

  • Thanks for your great support!

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